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    Einstein : Not everything that can be counted counts. And not everything that counts can be counted.
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    I know enough to know that at 04.00am it gets dark out on the streets. It has done this for the last twenty odd years, to my knowledge and will probably continue for the forseeable future. At some stage in this ‘future’ I shall retire and probably won’t give a damn if it still gets dark at 04.00am. Until then I shall be out there, somewhere, lurking in the shadows because someone, somewhere will be doing stuff they shouldn’t and then, well then I will introduce myself. In the meanwhile I shall try to remain sane and remember why I joined in the first place and try to ignore all the people who piss me off by making the job more complicated than it should be.
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    Any opinions contained in posts are mine and mine alone. Many of them will not be those of any Police Force, Police Organisation or Police Service around this country. The opinions are based on many years of working within the field of practical operational Police work and reflect the desire to do things with the minimum of interference by way of duplication for the benefit of others who themselves do not do the same job. I recognise that we all perform a wide range of roles and this is essential to make the system work. If you don’t like what you see remember you are only one click on the mouse away from leaving. I accept no responsibility for the comments left by others.
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  • C.T.C. Constabulary.

    A Strategic Community Diversity Partnership. We are cutting bureaucracy and reducing the recording of target and monitoring related statistics. Our senior leaders will drive small, economical cars from our fleet surplus to save money to invest in better equipment for our frontline response officers. We are investing money to reinstate station canteens for the benefits of those 24/7 response officers. We have a pursuit policy. The message is that if you commit an offence and use a vehicle, we will follow you and stop you if necessary. It is your duty to stop when the lights and sirens are on. We take account of the findings of the Force questionnaire and are reducing the administration and management levels and returning these officers to frontline response duties. We insist on a work-life balance. We have no political masters. We are implimenting selection processes that take account of an individuals skills and proven abilities for the job. Our senior leaders will have one foot in reality and still possess the operational Policing skills they have long forgotton about and seldom used. All ranks are Police Officers first and specialists second. We will impliment career development and performance evaluation monitoring of our leaders by those officers who operate under that leadership. The most important role is that of Constable. All other roles are there to positively support the role and the responsibility of Constable and the duties performed.
  • Whichendbites

    “We trained very hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising. It can be a wonderful method of creating the illusion of progress while creating confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation.”......Petronius
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    Taxation is just a sophisticated way of demanding money with menaces.
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    Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.
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    Don't confuse your idea of how important you are with the responsibility of your role.
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    If you had to identify, in one word, why we will never achieve our full potential, Meetings would be that word.
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    When there is no answer to your problem, there is always deflection from the need to justify giving an answer.

Investing in People ?

Investing in People ? Now what’s all that about then ?

Sounds like another trendy in-phrase that gets bandied about and is great in practice but is ignored in reality. Perhaps you’ve never been shafted by the management and you think itis a good thing. Perhaps, then again, you have been shafted and the phrase ‘investing in people’ leaves a particularly nasty taste in your mouth. I’ll help you search for the mouthwash.

Sheltered accommodation for sex offenders

Five convicted sex offenders in Miami have been forced to live under a noisy highway bridge by the local authorities.
The five men live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway because of laws which prevent sex offenders from living near schools, parks and other places children gather. The law makes it nearly impossible for them to find housing.
Some of the men sleep on cardboard raised slightly off the ground to avoid the rats.
“You just pray to God every night, so if you fall asleep for a minute or two, you know, nothing happens to you,” said 30-year-old Javier Diaz.
County Commissioner Jose Diaz said he had no regrets about the law he created.
“My main concern is the victims, the children that are the innocent ones that these predators attack and ruin their lives,” Diaz said.
A parole officer checks on the men nearly every night as they must stay at the bridge between 10pm and 6am.
They have fishing poles to catch food, cook with small stoves, use battery-powered TVs and radios and keep their belongings in plastic bags.
Now I can just imagine this sort of thing happening over here with our ‘Tough on Crime’ attitude, can’t you ? Sounds like they are deserving cases.

Locked away, securely ?

It appears that some more ‘dangerous’ convicted criminals have decided to walk out of an open prison. This is something that appears to happen with a monotonous regularity. These are not your average low level offenders but serious and dangerous people who should not be approached by the public. Murder being one of the offences here. What the bloody hell is this type of convicted person doing in an open prison ? We’ll find them and issue them with a penalty notice, that’ll frighten them. Tough on crime.

All in the same boat ?

Somewhere down in the Constabulary, out there, somewhere, there seems to be confusion about allocation of incidents, locally known as ‘jobs’ from communications to the officers out on the ground. It may be the case that jobs are allocated to increase the numbers of jobs being allocated and thusly reduce the time taken to allocate those jobs to the units on the ground. Possibly because this is something being measured for the sake of statistical information. Trouble is, the units on the ground are laden with several jobs so the attendance time shows a delay which may possibly be affecting the times between allocation and attendance. It may possibly be that this is something else that is subject of measurement for the purposes of statistical information. Those who do the allocating are seen to be improving one set of times but the result is that those who are allocated are faced with longer delays before they attend. There could be misunderstandings ahead when the resultant statistics are subject to the usual performance improvement scrutiny.

Penalty Notice success ?

The Home Office insist that the on the spot fines from penalty notices are working, allegedly. Apparently they allow for fast and effective justice and are keen to extend the scheme. When you consider recent media reports that half of the fines are not paid, as high as two thirds in some areas, then the success is clear for all to see. The cost of issuing will be calculated at some point and I dread to think of the costs of chasing the non-payers through the courts to recover the costs. Labour are keen to extend the scheme to include offences like ‘wasting Police time’, funnily enough. Perhaps this is just a coincidence. Saving Police time and reducing bureaucracy. Now where have I heard that before ?

Freedom of Expression

So, freedom of expression………………….What’s all that about then ? My understanding is, that it is being permitted to express your opinion in a public forum even if others may disagree with you? The UN have decreed in the Universal declaration of Human Rights that: Everyone has the right to opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

So, Police Reform…………What is all that about ? http://www.policereform.com/reports.aspx should give you some of the answers………………….if you can get your head around it. Some pretty charts and some rather cute catchy phrases.

Got to go, I’ve got some more forms that urgently need to be filled out, now if I can just find a free terminal.

Pay Restraint ordered.

It seems that there is an eager push to call for pay restraint within the public service sector. I am sure we will be included in this when our time comes around.

I trust that all will be equal in other areas, but perhaps not all as equal as it should be, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6205852.stm

It appears to be some form of confusion if you believe there is even one grain of truth in the stories. Just exactly how can MPs ask for such an obscene rise ? Just exactly what productivity targets do their SMT set for them ? Oh I forgot, they don’t have people telling them what to do, they appear to be able to do exactly as they want. Perhaps they are a special case ?