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Time for a crackdown.

With budget cuts still underway at the CTCC for the current financial review period, the dribbles of funds left are to be spent in a last crazy effort to show that every last nickle has gone into making our communities safer and to bring offenders to justice. The last 65p went on something or other so the cupboard is bare before the end of the cut off date and the bartering over next years budget (very much reduced) begins.

The news of yet another crackdown, all highly publicised, to show the world how much we care and the efforts we are going to try to make the world a safer place begins in earnest.

We have gone from abandoned vehicles, anti-social driving, vehicle defects like lighting etc, anti-social behaviour, drink related disorder, illegal street trading, counterfeit CDs and DVDs, possession and supply of controlled drugs, domestic violence, food vendors outside of pubs and clubs, unregistered taxi cabs and drivers, drink driving, exploitation of women as sex workers, illegal immigration workers, drivers with no licence or insurance, underage drinking, cars contravening the bus lane regulations and illegal parking, child internet porn and internet grooming of vulnerable young people, domestic burglaries, commercial burglaries, vehicle crime, shop theft, damage to motor vehicles close to licences premises, dangerous dogs etc etc etc.

All these crackdowns seem to necessitate shift changes, officer deployments from other commitments including those who would normally find themselves in the hostile environment of an office and are unable to delegate the chance to hit the streets to someone else. There is, occasionally, a small amount of overtime to allow for dealing with arrests or sometimes immediate follow ups to ongoing matters if deemed urgent enough and the Inspector in charge is either sufficiently astute enough to get the job done or reckless enough to incur the wrath of the senior ranking managers when their hindsight decision making processes do not fall in line with the duty Inspector of the hour.

Do we need yet another publicised crackdown to do the stuff we should really be doing anyway ?

The politicos will tell us yes.


5 Responses

  1. Moving things about, for moving things sake. It gives the meeja some sound bites, and makes the SMT look as if they are earning their pay. Of course, what should be happening is; crime being prevented by good policing and suitable punishment.

    It’s rare that a new boss comes in without re arranging everything. We had had a new Flight Commander who actually said, ‘if it was working before, I am leaving it alone’ which he did. with excellent results.

  2. See almost any news item about the chief inspector of constabulary’s comments on the way Police handle repeat ‘anti-social behaviour’

    //Denis O’Connor said the failure to properly record and tackle incidents undermined confidence in the police, and called for urgent improvements.//

    Obviously, it is time for another ‘crackdown’ (Not, of course, in an attempt to reduce the offending – but to increase the recording)

  3. Im not sure if Ive gottis wrong but they mentioned Police not attending 1 in 4 antisocial incidents – it depends on whats classed as antisocial as the officer stated smashing windows and stealing cars – thats not classed as antisocial thats criminal damage and theft (TWOC). If theres a burglary and an antisocial incident I would be sent to the more serious burglary and if time I would then go to the area for the antisocial incident and patrol.

    WEB – Everytime we get a new SMT they change the priorities not even checking what actually happening on the street. Weve currently been trialing a hit squad for the local druggies and its working well, luckily we have an ex met inspector who doesnt take any namby pamby crap and syphons out the crap coming from the levels above him letting us do our job, well he tries some of it still gets through.

  4. Uncle John……this has nothing to do with properly recording but everything to do with promising what cannot be delivered because there are simply not enough people out there to do all the tackling of things that need to be tackled. Changes in the way the recording is done allows for differing sets of figures that the politicos try to prove their case, figures going up or down as required.

    Big fella……there are only so many to answer the calls. Take the targets for call takers, call despatchers, time for resource to attend after getting the call, time to deal with the job, the next job the next job the next job, get everything done correctly to the satisfaction of everyone of everyone who needs policing intervention and who will judge afterwards through hindsight specs, complete any forms that need to be filled, inform anyone who needs to know by way of intel or event monitoring or hotline or stats or supervisor or officer with ownership of whatever the problem happens to be……………the list is endless with everyone wanting their own essential and vital piece of the pie to justify their own existence and make their own sense of worth mean something in the chain of career enhancing evidence.

  5. http://unhappywiththepolice.blogspot.com/ GMP – marks out of 10? Not many if this is anything to go by.

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