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No cigar.

Its raining, in fact its raining hard. I find it hard to believe that even the criminal classes could be out and about in this weather. They are, or so the latest crime intel statistics that roll out from the CTCC intel machinery show. The trouble is that they are, as is too often the case, sometimes weeks out of date. This is because the system of collection and duplication that relies on the efforts of those who already have too much to do, deem that the local intelligence on the relevant district get the first bite of the cherry. It is better to have it sent to the district concerned and disseminate out than sendit out to another intel unit and delay disseminate back into the district concerned. That should be common sense.

To justify their arses, the other intelligence units vie for strategic importance and hate the humiliation of being out of date and seeming to be out of touch. They may be able to bully the specialist support units into giving them first refusal but the bulk of the local stuff goes to the local office first. No amount of conference calls and morning prayers will change that.

My liaison is with district as my first port of call to get me the nod and following a chat with the night shift Inspector I find out what the spare response will be doing in the early hours if they are not committed when the rest of the world will be at home in bed.  

I think how it could be better if everyone worked together instead of trying to justify their little piece of colour within this bigger picture we seem to hear so much about. It is getting there but slowly and everyone seems to want their own little piece of recognition attached somewhere along the line thus complicating what should be a simple process. We are capable of working out where to direct our efforts when we are not responding to calls. 

With the local criminals being forced further afield by the targeted efforts of anyone who is uncommitted, along with the offer from the Inspector of a bottle of something warming to add a little extra incentive, we have pushed them from the small villages and towns around the metropolis back into the bright lights. This has been done over the past few weeks and our intel shows they have returned. The drip feed of this information to the other intel units allows them to operate in a different time dimension and when they prepare their intel for one of the meetings that will decide who is going to be told to do what, it is all to often out of date.

Despite the protestations coming from the intelligence unit that we are not shown as patrolling the right areas, we continue to target the right areas as the most recent information from district dictates.  To add to the already heavy burden of statistical form completion, there isalso talk of a dedicated hotline that we have to ring before we finish our duty so we can update those who sit at the comfort of their desk of what we have done and why, if needed, we have not followed their instructions as to where to patrol. I hope that CTCC don’t find the funding from somewhere for this.

An early morning milkman seemed to be awake enough to see some shadowy figures behaving in a manner that he considered to be suspicious and rings it in. The troops begin to make their way in time honoured silent approach that belies the stealth factors of diesel powered district response tactics. Due to what we think we collectively know, I get close and use the covert method of a six footed approach. My two having trouble keeping up with the pace of my four footed companion. 

A couple of streets and an underpass away I hear the audible sound on the target premises, call it in, increase my pace accompanied by some extra pulling power and hear the immediate sound of sirens that will reduce the time I need to get closer.

I arrive and begin my next stage. I have a track to where they left their vehicle. I recover their second mode of transport along with the essential tools of their trade.

We were close but not quite close enough for that big cigar.


2 Responses

  1. Pity that you didn’t get them that time, but hopefully you protected some innocent citizen from becoming another statistic. 10 out of 10 for effort!

    I would have thought that with all this modern tech, you could be updated second by second without all sorts of nonsense.

  2. Micromanagement is the bane of initiative. If the tech was that good the stats-monkeys/beancounters/chairpolishers would be approving every move and _nobody_ would get anything useful done.


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