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Drifting apart.

I have popped in for a nice cup of tea and caught part of the news.

That lad Jimmy Mizen was the subject of part of it. I posted about him in May of last year.

During my service I have come across the likes of Jimmy Mizenon a regular basis. The Jimmy Mizens of the world are the easy targets for those who deal in threats and intimidation because they have been brought up to understand that this is often the way they get want they want. They claim they want respect from the easy targets yet do not respect others who they consider easy targets. An easy target is exactly that. A soft touch, someone who will not fight back, not defend themselves or might be frightened enough not to go to court. Some of them do it because they actually enjoy the power and the status they feel that it gives them, this dominance and perceived respect by their actions and behaviour. The Jimmy Mizens of the world offer a soft and easy target and this is followed up by the usual line of cowardly excuses designed to try to throw the hounds of justice off the tail of the offender or try to deflect and confuse from the actions of the offender. To create doubt in the minds and somehow paint the decent and law abiding innocent victim as some part of participant or even responsible for the actions of the criminal. This is detestable. This is before we even get onto the appeals process and the attempt to give the offender some form of victim status.

The offenders take the actions but do not want the consequences because they think that the consequences will not apply to them. Sometimes, because of how they think and behave, they actually do not think about the consequences of their actions.  Actions and consequences. 

The two are linked and yet, in todays society, appear to be drifting further and further away from each other.  There is always a whole list of excuses as to why this?  Why that?

At the end of the day there are only actions and consequences.

There must be consequences for actions or we are in big, big trouble. 

Mr Justice Calvert-Smith said: “A trivial incident over absolutely nothing in a high street bakery ended three minutes later with the death of a blameless young man.”

Actions and consequences………..drifting apart.


5 Responses

  1. WEB What do you reckon?

    Whilst the Mizen family are giving an decent, reasoned response to the media regarding the tragedy that has befallen them and the way society is heading ..the defence team for the convicted are drafting an appeal against the minimum 14yr years tariff on the ‘life’ sentenced imposed. You know the usual..young man ..life before him..moment of madness…problems with anger management….blah blah blah….

    Was it a quote from one of the characters in a Wambough book ‘The Onion fields’

    ‘Guilty….thats just something the man says when your luck runs out…’

  2. There are always consequences to actions. We know whether we have done right or wrong but would rather see just consequences for others than ourselves. “Whatever a man sows, so shall he reap”. A younger generation knows better than we do it is false in practical terms and loss of good moral instruction glares at us like a major deficit in the ledger.

  3. It makes me furious, every time time someone like Jimmy is attacked by someone, that the defence are even allowed to appeal. I don’t give a damn about the excuses proffered, they are empty air. The guilty did what they did, not as an accident or without intent, but as a malicious act, designed to either intimidate the victim, victims friends, and boost their ‘standing’ with the other scum. They have probably been arrested before for similar things, but because of the spineless attitude of the government et al, no suitable sanction exists until the victim is so seriously injured or killed that something has to be done.

    As MTG neatly point out, the scrotes know they will get away with murder, whilst the law abiding, moral majority get punished by criminal activity against them and a lack of support for them when offended against.

    A murder for no reason (ie; self defence) as in this case should be met with the absolute sanction, he should be hung. Who will pull the lever you ask? Whom will we turn into a murderer? Well, we get his best mate to do it.

  4. I’d do it !

  5. Or a volunteer….

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