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Diversity in a diverse world.

It appears that I am amongst good company. Both  Prince Harry and myself have to undergo some form of Diversity Awareness training to ensure that we are fit for purpose. Someone clearly has career enhancing and developing riding on this following the decision that we can be all be that little bit better if we are diversity aware.

I am sure that this will make the country and my community a safer place.

Whereas he has used the ‘P’ word I have not found anything that I have said to be offensive those who are unfortunate enough to be disabled or those with a disability or impairment, to anyone of an alternative gender, to anyone who is a member of the gay, lesbian or transsexual fraternity, to anyone who may be of a different race or ethnic background than me, or to anyone who holds what could be different religious beliefs than me or to anyone who has a physical disfigurement or speaks another language then me.

I have offended no one. At least not that I am aware of. I think I put sugar into someones tea the other day by accident, but I had absolutely no intent to offend them. I even stirred it both ways.

Yet I have to begin, very soon, several hours of diversity awareness training, supplied free of charge by the CTCC, to make my sorry arse fit for purpose and to rid the Chiefs of any vicarious liability they might think they have on my behalf in case I might do or say anything that might be deemed to offend anyone. They don’t even have to be present when this takes place, apparently. 

I know that people are different. I know that people should be treated as equals with fairness and courtesy despite their differences. I also know that these differences sometimes lead to mis-understandings or occasions where these differences make things far more difficult and complicated than they should be. I do not need several hours of patronising voices telling me this.

I have done and will continue to try my best to treat people with courtesy, respect and patience in the course of my duty.

Sometimes, when people are rude, abusive, impatient, think they are more important or have more social class or have committed offences, behave in anti-social or violent ways, they enter a world where the ideology of diversity awareness have to take a back seat for a short while until such time that  the balance is restored and the need to be treated with these fine qualities in worthy of consideration at a later time.

In this diverse multiverse that is the real world, it would be a far simpler and nicer place to exist if everyone were tolerant, polite and courteous.  All too often this is not going to happen. Only in the comfy seats of the ‘should of’  lounge through the blinkers of the hindsight spectacles can we see how we should behave after the negative sides of some of our customers is taken away. Sadly, the customer is not always right in some of these cases. Those who judge are also looking at things through their ideal perspective.

I hope this helps some of the way at least.



12 Responses

  1. diversity training:

  2. full version:

  3. Got some compulsory ‘Diversity’ stuff coming up on one of those clicky button computer packages.

    I am informed that completion rates will be monitored for compliance.

  4. You are never ever going to get rid of prejudice.It started when us monkeys in this tree were suspicious of those monkeys in the next one.Then then the other tribe or even village/estate/town and now it’s race or sexuality etc as well.Next it will probably be aliens.It is human nature.you can preach tolerance and make it illegal but it will always be there.
    We can try and be tolerant but you will always have extremists stirring it up for their own agenda.

    and remember all races and groups do it,not just white people.

  5. it’s also big business

  6. dmc, perhaps you cannot get rid of prejudice. I have to admit that I have prejudices about certain things. I keep them to myself though. Most of them are irrational, and I see no reason to pass them onto my children. However, the more that one is forced to see differences, the more differences you see. I think we have all seen young kids of different backgrounds playing together? they see no differences in each other, but now that little Peter has to acknowledge little Achmed is different…….Now is that the way to reduce prejudice?

  7. The private sector are at it as well – myself and colleagues have all returned from these courses using the sort of language usually reserved for life’s less joyful situations.

    Like standing on a nail. Or removing a finger with a power tool.

    Sadly, being spoken to like naughty four year olds tends to have that effect even on staid, boring desk jockeys.

    I feel your pain.

  8. Tony F,true the more it’s rammed down out throats the more we resent it.Some of my black mates hate it too,they say it turns people against them.
    True about the kids playing too,and if they do notice the differences it’s innocent curiousity.They ask each other questions or point it out with no malice just interest.

  9. Said training will not be “free”, your Police Force/service will pay the training provider a great deal of money to so provide instead of spending it on catching crooks… etc.
    In my MOP experience, even if the idea is worthwhile the end result is rubbish, the training itself is not fit for purpose. Your Chiefs will either be ripped off or they really don’t care because by providing the training their asses are covered.

    Enjoy the video.

  10. I think diversity training courses are probably where Ricky Gervais got his idea for “The Office”.

  11. The woman who never was.

    I dealt with a lady who had been racially abused. It was a road rage incident, but as an after thought, the offender called her the ‘P’ word.
    The statement was fine, but there was no appropiate ethnicity box for her on the racial incident form. I could not work it out, neither could she. The only thing she was sure of was that she was not Pakistani. So i left the box blank. The hate crime unit threatened to send the form back, but I told them to ring her and see what they thought. I heard no more.

    So where did she come from? The former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan.
    Azerbaijan is located partially in Eastern Europe and partially in Western Asia. It is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Iran to the south, Armenia to the west, Georgia to the northwest, and Russia to the north. The Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan is bordered by Iran to the south and southwest, Turkey to the west, and Armenia to the north and east. The country’s territory also encompasses several islands in the Caspian Sea.
    As such she was not Asian, European,or Arab. Her appearance was Spanish or Greek, with dark hair and a slight tan. She had never really given her ethnicity any thought.
    With apologies to the mid sixties surrealistic TV series The Prisoner, – ‘I am not an Ethnicity Code, I am a free man’

  12. I’ve given up reporting quite a lot of low-level criminality as it’s increasingly led to my being accused of racism. The problem is that I live in a rural area where itinerant people with a certain accent and driving vehicles with certain non-UK plates carry out activities that would be illegal if done by someone else.

    But if I phone the police to report that I’ve found a couple of those people in one of my outbuildings, the telephone call gets very strained once I start to describe accents etc. The same happens when I find these people loading metal items into their vans, or driving two identical Transits with identical plates, or they offer me power washers, generators, plasma TVs, welding sets, etc that are “surplus to requirements”, or trying to take cockerels from their pens, or find them in among the weaner pigs.

    It’s ironic as I’m an immigrant myself, with no previous experience or knowledge of this untouchable community, and so had no stereotypes to base my impressions on. I simply found people doing things they shouldn’t be doing on my property or neighbouring properties, phoned the police and described said people and their vehicles.

    I then discovered it was racist to accuse this group of people of criminal activity with the result that, as one of them said to me when I found him in byre, “what are you going to do? Call the Gardai? They can’t touch us.”

    Ooh, I suppose using that foreign word for police rather gives the game away. Does that make me racist by identifying this person as a member of an oppressed minority group?

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