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Christmas crackdown.

At a time when the CTCC corporate machine is working overtime to convince everyone that we take things seriously, we are having yet another crackdown on something. We have the various elements of the media for the latest photo-shoot to show how we care about the neighbourhood and all its problems. Nothing like one of the bosses taking timeout from the top level meeting schedules to come out when its dark to go about showing what we do and how we are not going to take crap from anyone, zero tolerance and all that stuff.

We are having a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

We are cracking down on knife crime.

We are having a crackdown on gangs and are committed to returning the streets to the law abiding masses.

We are having a zero tolerance on everything we do not want to be seen to tolerate.

We are taking the streets back. We are denying criminals the use of the roads. We are at war against the drug dealers, dwelling burglars and those who carry guns or have access to guns to commit crime. We are being safe together. Respect. The Home Secretary believes the streets are safer under labour. Respect.

We are preparing for the annual festive shoplifting spree and the drink-drive crackdown.

With all these crackdowns we are getting absolutely zilch extra officers to deal with the myriad of crackdowns and one thing is for sure. Response will bear the brunt of shortages to cover the trendy hot and publicised crackdowns.

Normal 24/7 service will, of course, not be affected in any way. We will be committed to ensuring that normal servcice continues. We will be working hard to provide the cover.

Rest assured, there will be some pictures or film of a senior officer, probably without a hat on at some stage, some level of PCSO presence as well all available units to see that the right image is created. There might even be a bit of a walkabout at a completely inappropriate time of day including a local councillor or MP along with the brass to further convince all that someone cares and is working really hard to empower the community in a strategic way. We are out there doing stuff.

I suspect that the reported aggravated drunken assault that consists of the Wayne telling Sharon by text that her arse looks to big for her new jeans will just have to wait. Her drunken ramblings will probably continue and she will scream and shout and believe that she is somehow a victim. Respect.

Add to this mix the competitive edge of individual unit performance targets and the Monday morning multi-coloured spreadsheet for the tactical meeting should be rather impressive.  

I am happy to report that no CTCC officers were hurt or injured in the tactical and strategic planning stages.

3 Responses

  1. As I said to a suspect last week, ‘Put the crack down and put your hands behind your back …’

    “We will be working hard to provide the cover”. So very true. Just got back from a late shift where they have been working hard to persuade an elderly female to get herself to the police station – having had her handbag snatched and her car subsequently stolen – because there were no officers to respond to the incident. Mind you, a unit did try to redeploy themselves, but the ‘Immediate Domestic’ they were dealing with took priority (text messages can be so dangerous these days ..)

  2. I wonder where they put the box of spare bobbies? And where are they going to get the pennies to pay the bobbies?

  3. I understand the numbers are being depleted by the management rather than expanded. Vis the Norfolk “Christian” too bad he didn’t toe the party line on tolerance for all alternative lifestyles, prefering to stick with what he knew and believed to be right. So much for Diversity, Human Rights and freedom of expression in NORFOLK

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