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    I know enough to know that at 04.00am it gets dark out on the streets. It has done this for the last twenty odd years, to my knowledge and will probably continue for the forseeable future. At some stage in this ‘future’ I shall retire and probably won’t give a damn if it still gets dark at 04.00am. Until then I shall be out there, somewhere, lurking in the shadows because someone, somewhere will be doing stuff they shouldn’t and then, well then I will introduce myself. In the meanwhile I shall try to remain sane and remember why I joined in the first place and try to ignore all the people who piss me off by making the job more complicated than it should be.
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    A Strategic Community Diversity Partnership. We are cutting bureaucracy and reducing the recording of target and monitoring related statistics. Our senior leaders will drive small, economical cars from our fleet surplus to save money to invest in better equipment for our frontline response officers. We are investing money to reinstate station canteens for the benefits of those 24/7 response officers. We have a pursuit policy. The message is that if you commit an offence and use a vehicle, we will follow you and stop you if necessary. It is your duty to stop when the lights and sirens are on. We take account of the findings of the Force questionnaire and are reducing the administration and management levels and returning these officers to frontline response duties. We insist on a work-life balance. We have no political masters. We are implimenting selection processes that take account of an individuals skills and proven abilities for the job. Our senior leaders will have one foot in reality and still possess the operational Policing skills they have long forgotton about and seldom used. All ranks are Police Officers first and specialists second. We will impliment career development and performance evaluation monitoring of our leaders by those officers who operate under that leadership. The most important role is that of Constable. All other roles are there to positively support the role and the responsibility of Constable and the duties performed.
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    “We trained very hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising. It can be a wonderful method of creating the illusion of progress while creating confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation.”......Petronius
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Last chance saloon.

I have been in this garden for over an hour. The stats for this area have gone through the roof over recent weeks and we think we know who one of the offenders is likely to be. My van is parked up well away and I hope I don’t get a call to go off somewhere else. It will take me several minutes to get there.

Having had the experience and the severe deterrent value of some community service, one of our regular drug using customers is out on the ground earning his living. From our perspective this means he is burgling people homes or stealing other people’s property from their vehicles, to steal whatever he needs to steal, so he can sell or trade for his latest drug induced salvation. He has not learnt his lesson, despite yet another chance. He has abused every privilege and every deceitful concession he has ever had. He deserves none of this, yet the seemingly bottomless box of second chances is at his disposal, once again. His defence team will navigate the twists and turns of the legal processes to discredit, beguile and promote his efforts to deceive the minds of others away from the facts towards some form of final fantasy and his liberty.  The last time was another last chance, apparently.

He does not ask. He does respect anyone else’s property. He simply does not give a toss about anyone else apart from himself. He accepts arrest as an occupational hazard but has the knowing experience that there are people who will do all they can to allow him to remain free to continue to burgle people’s homes. He does not care about anyone other than himself. He knows he will be given all the protection he needs. He knows this is his right. He also knows he will not be given a custodial sentence if, by any strange and unfortunate quirk of fate, he is arrested and convicted.

I leave the garden and move back into the lane that is useful for getting cars into garages and for moving around un-noticed in the dark hours for those who have an illegal and unpleasant agenda.

I follow the network of lanes and cross a road that allows me to give my position away for 30 yards before I am back into the darkness.  I put the dog down in the centre of the lane and move further into the darkness.  About 80 yards away I can now see along another lane and still see my mate silhouetted against the distant light from the road behind him. Now we have two lanes covered and we are in for another wait.

Another 30 minutes passes. Still nothing. We move on to another lane, another place, another period of anticipation.

Response call up to say that they have seen someone, maybe our man, nearby. He cannot be found. After a few quick words I decide to stay put and keep my fingers crossed.

After a few minutes response have their man in sight again, then lose him in a lane. As they walk the lane they hear the sound of breaking glass. Within only a few minutes as they move along the lane and see the dark shape of pongo in the lane. He is off and detained after a short foot-chase. He is searched but there is no booty on him. He has the glazed and shiny appearance of someone who has been sprinkled with the pixie dust of a smashed window.

I make a search of the lane and my dog’s nose searches better than the brightest torch.

First my lad takes me to a van belonging to someone who is self employed and made the stupid mistake of leaving his tools inside overnight because it was raining when he got home. The rear window has been smashed. I just know he will not be very happy about this. He will be even less happy about the disruption it will bring into his life and the lack of consequences for the offender.

Second my lad finds a stack of power tool boxes nearby hidden to avoid them being seen. These contain tools of the trade for someone who decides to earn their living by working for it and not sponging off those who earn their pennies and pay their taxes to support the likes of pongo.

Third, he finds the rock used as the choice emergency key of entry.

Power tools are expensive, but pongo doesn’t care as he is not paying.

The well worn and well oiled cogs of the machine will roll swiftly into action to protect the rights of pongo and ensure that all of his rights are maintained.

As for the victim ?

The cost of a repair for the smashed window to a van he cannot use until we get it SOCO’d, no tools for work until we get them SOCO’d, photographed and the nod that it is OK to return them, lost valuable worktime, endless inconvenience, the statement of loss, the frustration at the lack of an understandable deterrant sentence if pongo is convicted.

Sorry Mr Victim. We cannot let you have a bit of a chat with pongo. It might breach one of his many rights. This is his last chance.


5 Responses

  1. It’s almost enough to turn me vigilante…

    The sad thing is that were something “unfortunate” to happen to dear ol’ pongo, then I have no doubt that all available resources of the CPS would be brought to bear on the perpetrator.

    Ho hum…

  2. SoD, you are so right.
    WEB, pity your partner could not have given pongo a good chewing.

  3. It is my perception that vigilantism is making a comeback. Heard an assault case recently in which a local, mindlessly thuggish dealer, well known to police and courts, was the victim and 2 middle-aged women from the same estate were said to be his attackers. No plausible witnesses could be found despite the alleged assault taking place in the middle of a residential road in daylight….. very odd that, we thought.

  4. Poor pongo, he can not get a job and some person by working has denied him the right to work. Therefore he needs to get his money the only honest way he knows.
    Of course he has rights and lets face it he is the victim denied work, facing holiday camp err jail seperation from family etc etc.

    (Taking my tongue out of my cheek now it is getting a bad taste)

    By the way can not help thinking that to be a police dog you need a strong stomach. Think of all the lower pond life that one gets in ones mouth… eeeewww

  5. C’mon Vetnurse.

    Dogs eat sh1t & puke; their idea of a great taste is somewhat different from ours – though they do appreciate (forbidden) chocolate and Sunday Dinner.

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