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Police Dogs are different.

The calls come in on a regular basis. travel between the requests poses a problem with increasing time delays because of travel. Sometimes as soon as I am on the way to one call, another comes up local. Unfortunate, but sometimes it goes that way. There simply are not enough of us to go around.

After a couple of near misses and a bit of canine reassurance to response I get the one I am after. Only a few minutes away and most definitely a crime job.

Two men are stealing the wheels from a parked car, we have a witness on the phone and they are carrying the wheels around the corner. They must have a car nearby. I was thereabouts on foot not more than an hour ago. I do not need the latest overdue intel update from the important people. They are late and are off the pace. I had already got this from the nights briefing and the crime stats.

I stop my van a couple of streets away and make for the scene through lanes that offer covering routes to the thieves who prefer a foot approach.  This makes sense and puts me in with a shout.  Anyway, our vans are far too noisy to offer a chance to get really close. I come out about a hundred yards away and although I cannot see, it is clear that my mate can hear. He begins to pull towards the noises only he can hear.

Eventually I hear the sound of metal on metal. The last wheel is nearly off. In the distance I hear the fast approaching sound of response who are clearly responding, despite my request to be as quiet as they can to give me a chance. This will offer a warning and a quick decision to flee the scene. I act swiftly, shouting my usual warning as as I emerge from cover. 

One is still holding the wrench following wheel-nut removal wrench and the other carrying a wheel.  They almost run into each other as they decide what to do but it is too late and they are herded back towards the wall and contained by something they did not think they would encounter, especially with such inviting dentistry.

The dropped wheel has now rolled into the gutter a short distance away. They comply and sink to there knees. I know they will not run. That would be stupid and the consequences painful. Response take over and the usual display of bravado, not exhibited only a few short seconds ago, comes forth amid the security of handcuffs and impending incarceration. They’ve put on their show for each other and they can say afterwards how they didn’t take any crap from the Police.

Police Dogs are a little different.


10 Responses

  1. Priceless! I suspect that it was the only fear they’ll face, unfortunately.

  2. I like it! 🙂

  3. Good Boy!

  4. Fists are clenched with ‘Have some of that you scums’ pleasure; but it’s being undermined by, ‘What was their pathetic punishment?’ cynicism.

  5. Just leave out what happens to them in the end… you and your mate did a grand job. More dog handlers please!

  6. Well done!
    The obvious success of dog and man must be evident to the pen pushers and number crunchers… why are there not many more of you?

  7. “The obvious success of dog and man must be evident to the pen pushers and number crunchers… why are there not many more of you?”

    Because the pen pushers and number crunchers hold sway. Ask GMP!

  8. Someone should revive those Peugeot electric vans that were around a few years back. The only sound they made was a slight hum accompanied by a little tyre noise. Paint them matt dark grey and you’d have the perfect stealth dog van.

  9. Police dogs working and getting results, something is wrong, we must disband the dog section immediately.

  10. Well done, I too was a dog handler back in the day, now happily retired, but not before I fell foul of intitutional cowardice.
    Cleared a shop full of football hooligans then got suspended for taking the dog into a building. There is no accounting for the influances of junior management and their ability to con the senior management into compliance, but at the end of the day the public was definately not best served by this particular piece of cowardice.
    The dog was retired but not into my care, as it was felt I might use it to protect my property, to the detriment of the forces good name, so it was released to a garden centre to be used as …. guess what … yes… a guard dog. Never mind that the poor thing was going blind at this time.

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