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Painting by numbers.

The mobile rings and it is the response Inspector. He has my number and knows my first name. This is always a good start when it could be bad news. He is not worried. That point should offer some form of reassurance. After all, he knows much more about it than me.

It seems that someone has made a complaint.

It appears that they claimed to have been punched and told to f#*+ off by a dog handler and apparently savaged by a Police dog without any reason.

He has viewed CCTV and everything is OK but he still needs to speak.

Now cast the mind back a while, its a late shift, its dark, its on the Britannia Estate.

The only double crewed response car has attended at a call of damage to a shop window. They have arrested one of a group ID’d by a witness but some of his mates have a different view. Immediately after the assistance call the only uncommitted unit, single crewed, is racing to the spot. This will give 3 against 25. Not very good odds. One double crewed dog van, passing but monitoring the radio also hear and decide to attend to even the odds a little. Suddenly 25 to 3 become 25 to 5 plus a couple of special extras.

The mob ? Well they don’t want to speak to the Police. They only want to shout their abuse, their disapproval, their hatred, their dislike for what stands in their way. They like having things their own way.

Upon arrival, response are struggling to hold onto their captive amidst being surrounded by his mates. With 2 dogs deployed there is an immediate space and the captive is soon under control. The 2 dogs fan out and give some breathing space and despite loud and clear instruction some do not think there is any real threat. With the dog on one side keeping some at bay and despite forceful instructions to the other side, one drunken fool is sent reeling backwards to the floor as a result of a firm push to the chest, quickly followed by an adjusted interest from the dog. He is quickly on his feet and slinks back into the crowd, now up to about 40 because of hangers on and those who simply just have to get a closer look. They realise that getting too close has new implications as well some unpleasant consequences. Even at 25 to 7 things are not to their liking.

It doesn’t take very long and then we are all gone. Luckily no one badly injured.

The arrest is claimed to be for nothing. No one has done ’nuffin’ wrong. The deployment of the dogs an overreaction and caused all the problems.  The alleged punch in the face which turned out to be a good firm push in the chest was allegedly unprovoked. The alleged dog bite with no visible sign of any injury at all was an excessive use of force. We are fascists, we are just about everything unpleasant there is to be unpleasant that exists.

CCTV painted a different story.

The Police Officers were the only ones NOT threatening anyone there. There were some near misses but NOBODY got bitten. No one was punched. The one stupid tenough to get close enough was pushed forcefully backwards. After all, he could see the dog being gainfully employed a short distance away.

Then there was a circle. A circle of space and people decided that there might be discomfort if they got too close so they moved back and just shouted.

The drunken idiots who claim they do nothing wrong. The idiots who want to threaten, abuse and intimidate people of their choosing at a time and place of their choosing with total impunity and without any consequence for their actions.

When the rules of engagement unexpectedly change they are ALWAYS the first to complain that the Police over react, are heavy handed, assault them, are rude to them, threaten them with dogs or threaten them with just about everything. They have got their rights. They want to see the Inspector. They have rights you know.

Now, all of a sudden, they want to speak to a Police Officer. They just can’t make up their minds.

This is everyday Policing on the Britannia Estate when the minions have shut down their computers and gone home and everything gets left to response and the few who accompany them.

The locals are not happy. Its beyond a joke what the kids are getting up to nowadays. The people are wondering what the Police are doing to sort the situation out because it doesn’t seem like they are doing much about it.

We are doing more about it than some of the parents and there are a lot less of us than there are them.

A Police Spokesperson stated “We are aware of ongoing problems on the Britannia Estate and offences of damage and theft. We are aware of numbers of young persons hanging about on the Britannia Estate and have had a number of reports of anti-social behaviour. We are engaging with local community workers and other agencies to coordinate our strategic efforts for the neighbourhood partnership initiative.”

Clearly the picture they see is far different from reality.

There are endless examples of such behaviour.

7 Responses

  1. I was discussing this with a colleague at work whilst on nights. It seems that the scrotes want it both ways…to be allowed to do what ever they like but also to be allowed to complain against those who oppose them!
    I know, you know, that if someone feared for their safety or even their life and injured one of these ‘many against one’ all hell would ensue and the poor scrote would be held up as a responsible, but misunderstood, citizen….and the person defending themselves? They would lose their job and/or liberty!
    Up and down the country estates are being run as no go areas for decent people. The scrotes know how far they can go and what buttons to push and who to complain to.
    What they really need is one to one counselling with a very big man dressed in black down a dark alley. But I dont think J. Smith will condone that….unfortunately!

  2. Not much changes, except the jargon. In the early 1980s I used a GP dog and handler to protect myself and 3 Cons from a mob. No one got hurt but the complaints came flooding in. Mind you, the yobs didn’t seem quite so keen when they saw White Fang!!

  3. Sounds to me like they would have deserved the dog bite anyway, it’s a shame they don’t get bitten more often..xx

  4. To combat this we need a serious case by case appraisal of this crap. If the account of the complaining f***wit is found to be blatantly false he should be pursued to the ends of the of the earth ( or the edge of the Britannia estate because I know they dont travel far) for some form of judicial redress. I know it wont happen but I can dream………

  5. I tthink Officer Dibble is right (although I still think punishment beatings are not a bad thing!).

    Looking at other Police blogs there seems to be a general opinion from higher up the chain of command that ‘people should not be afraid to complain’.

    Fair enough, good point…but as Officer Dibble quite rightly says they should be pursued aggressively through the justice system if its malicious.

    This country is taking the piss when it comes to dealing with scrotes!

  6. They’re lucky they only have to face a dog and it’s handler – in America (and other places) they would just be shot where they stood.

  7. Its a pity you couldn’t call up an Apache, a little surgical removal with a mini-gun would not go amiss. It’s getting to be that the scum has more powers than the police. It’s going to get worse. You will soon not be able to smack small children. Looking at the kids around here, you can easily tell the ones who were given an appropriate smack when they were young, ‘cos they are well behaved and polite. The others, not only do they now need a right good caning, before they get any worse, but so do their parents.

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