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The Dog’s don’t know any better.

It appears that for some, the trendy new weapon of choice has become our canine ‘pit bull’ type of dog. Thyere are still guns and knives about but there is an additional threat to worry about.

For those in the know, and often at the sharp end, there has been a worrying increase in the use of this type of canine to enhance the status of the incredibly irresponsible and criminally engaged as well as use the animal as a form of deterrent, protection and as a threat element to disrupt and try to prevent the otherwise missing part of life formally known as living within the laws of the land.

This menace, and otherwise status symbol of something dispicable and unlawful, is becoming the latest thing on the list of things to worry about.

They have been out and about in increasing numbers, used by those who do not have the companion pet animal doctrine or concerns of animal welfare at the front of their tiny minds. Events at the NHC only go to prove the increase in this type of menace used by the criminally motivated to prevent and deter lawful intervention of their activities.

Yet again, the few disrupt and cause the mayhem without regard for the majority who want only to enjoy the activity.

The use of pit bull types of dog is on the increase so be careful out there. Speak to your dog handler for advice.

Whereas the dogs concerned do not know any better, their human masters know full well what they are doing.


7 Responses

  1. Hmmm spooky! How strange you should mention this very subject-will add further in about a fortnight when I get back off my course!

  2. Even I have noticed the local lackwits prefer this sort of animal as a companion, either that or they forgot to put the kid on the lead. I think that the dog licence should be brought back immediately for non-working dogs. Owners of such creatures as Pitbulls should be shot.

  3. In our area pitbulls don’t seem to be that prevalent – the bigger threat seems to come from the omnipresent overweight Staffys – lovely dogs usually but again reared to be unruly protectors of members of the criminal classes.
    usually they’re just after a bit of fuss and untrained will jump all over you and nip you. but there are increasing numbers of wrongly raised aimals who are terrorised, neglected and beaten by their owners, trained to hate people and often pointed in the way of old bill…
    calls to the RSPCA will be made…

  4. A chav is for life, not just for Christmas.


  5. M
    calls to the RSPCA will be made…
    If you are the Police officer, Animal Welfare Act is a criminal Act
    The RSPCA have no powers to deal with these scrotes but you do.
    I must observe that this is one of the reasons that the situation has become what it is. RSPCA and Animal Health Officers & Dog Wardens do not have the enforcement powers that you do.

  6. To be honest Dave as a shift officer I have enough on my plate dealing with how these scrotes treat their partners/children/neigbours and other poor unfortunates who fall within their sad sphere of influence which generate a plethora of offences I can prove have happened, never mind potential cases of cruelty which require checks, investigation and expertise which I do not have.

    I’d never leave an animal behind in a position of clear suffering but shift officers can’t carry the whole load – and I think i’m doing my bit in passing on intelligence on maybe, possbly cases to specialist agencies who are there for the express purpose of dealing in an expert fashion with animal cruelty cases.

    The RSPCA well know they can, when the time is right and they have enough to proceed with, avail themselves of our assistance and powers.

    Shift already have enough on dealing with the overflow of child services, mental health teams, the local hospitals, the prison service, bad parenting and ooh…occasionally…crime – but only if we get time!

  7. Point one: Here in Wales, it is not the police, but the Local Authority which now has to deal with stray dogs.

    Point two: As the owner of a benign and very well trained Staffie/Labrador -cross which we rescued from an RSPCA centre four years ago, I can vouch for the fact that these chavs with their “Trained to attack” dogs have had an immense impact on our life.

    We used to be able to travel with our gentle dog to Europe (having already taken all the necessary DEFRA steps to obtain her pet-passport),

    We went to France and Spain three summers ago for three and a half months (the joy of being retired !!). We and the dog were welcomed everywhere and her breed was never a problem.

    Since then, however, many European countries have decided ban Staffies, and particularly Staffie cross-breeds. They all appear to confuse Staffies with Pit Bulls, as well as not differentiating between responsible dog lovers and aggressive chavs

    There has been some discussion of this problem at http://gowen.org/staffie

    Our holidays are now spent in the UK and we have webbed feet!

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