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Investing in people ?

The Specialist Support Services Department at the CTCC has been awarded the Investing in People award.

I can hardly contain myself. My joy overflows and my little chest is heaving with pride at the thought of this marvellous award.

Exactly what does this all mean ?  I have no idea, so I thought I would cut through the corporate bullshit and do some research to find out what this this is all about.


The Investors in People Standard has been radically overhauled and updated to be more challenging and relevant to the modern organisation.

What does the new Standard look like?

The new Standard focuses on a range of people management issues, such as employee involvement and empowerment, reward and recognition
The capability of leaders and managers is more closely measured
Setting and communicating aims and objectives is now much more important
The assessor will be looking to see how you plan to measure the impact of learning and development upon performance
Robust evaluation is now essential
There is no requirement for any form filling or paperwork.

I can hardly contain myself.

Developing Strategies to Improve the Performance of the Organisation

An Investor in People develops effective strategies to improve the performance of the organisation through its people.

1. Business Strategy – A strategy for improving the performance of the organisation is clearly defined and understood

2. Learning & Development Strategy – Learning and development is planned to help achieve the organisation’s objectives

3. People Management Strategy – Strategies for managing people are designed to promote quality of opportunity in the development of the organisations people

4. Leadership & Management Strategy – The capabilities managers need to lead, manage and develop people effectively are clearly defined and understood

Taking Action to Improve the Performance of the Organisation

5. Management Effectiveness – Managers are effective in leading, managing and developing people

6. Recognition and Reward – People’s contributions to the organisation are recognised and valued

7. Involvement and Empowerment – People are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility by being involved in decision-making

8. Learning and Development – People learn and develop effectively

Evaluating the Impact of the Performance of the Organisation

9. Performance Measurement – Investment in people improves the performance of the organisation

10. Continuous Improvement – Improvements are continually made to the way people are managed and developed

I can hardly contain myself.

I am struggling to see when number 6 fits into all of this.

What’s in it for Me?
Employees in organisations that have achieved the Standard may see benefits such as:

  • A good working environment
  • Recognition and development
  • Pride in being part of a successful organisation
  • Good quality training when required
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Better communication
  • Skill and career development opportunities
  • Increased responsibility and involvement
  • Health and safety gains.

How Does it Work?
The supply of goods and services depends upon people. It is clear that the better the people, the better the business. Therefore, the most important investment any organisation makes is in the people who work for it.

  • Everyone in the organisation must:

  • Know, understand and have agreed what is required of their job
  • Know how to do the job and why they are important
  • Have the necessary materials, tools, training and information to do the job well
  • Be able to measure how well they are doing
  • Know what to do when things go wrong
  • Work within systems and guidelines designed to help, not hinder
  • Be led and guided by managers

 It’s all very simple and straightforward. It’s extremely effective and results are beneficial all round.

I can hardly contain myself.

Your Role in the Organisation
Your employer already believes that you and your colleagues are its best assets. Your line manager also realises that no-one knows more about your job than you do. Therefore, when you work for an Investor in People organisation you will be able to make contributions and comments in ways such as:

  • Team meetings and briefings
  • Suggestions schemes
  • Quality circles
  • Action teams

You will be encouraged to put forward your ideas at any time.

It has suddenly all become clear. I can hardly contain myself.


3 Responses

  1. When I was in the services, they did something like that. I often wondered what the Red Army would have thought about us discussing with them the health and safety issues of the modern battle field….Be careful with that thermo-nuclear warhead Ivan! Someone may get injured!

  2. What a load of bollocks!

    Sounds like a BOHICA moment to me.

  3. I worked for a really, really diabolical employer a few years ago. The Big Wigs decided to go for Investors in People but surprise, surprise they were told by the assessor that they needed to improve a lot of things (like stamp out bullying, sexism and nepotism).

    So, the Big Wigs called in the Very Big Wigs who had a word with the Big Wigs at Investors in People and the company was granted some sort of dispensation that meant it was an Investor in People provided it did nice things at some point in the future. All the employees were then told if they didn’t work harder to maintain the exalted IIP status, they’d lose their annual bonuses. (Not that we ever got them anyway.)

    It’s just another piece of fluff to be tucked away in the trophy cabinet.

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