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Selectively legal.

After many, many years of Policing I can state that I believe that two of the major causes of most of the problems I have faced are related to two things. I have not included management in this.

Firstly Alcohol.

The major factor in incidents of public disorder, anti-social behaviour and most spontaneous outbreaks of violence involves the actions directly related to alcohol consumption. Some of the events of the last week support this.

Alcohol is easily and legally obtainable with little or no responsibility resting on those who sell and even fewer of the consequences stay with those who consume and behave in bad ways. The consequences stay with the victims and not those who fail to take the responsibility to control their actions after alcohol consumption.

Secondly controlled substances, drugs, heroin, crack, cocaine etc etc etc.

These are illegal to possess and have an alarmingly high effect on acquisitive crime in order to realise profit from the sale of stolen property and the purchase of these drugs. There is untold misery caused by the thieves and burglars to the victims of this related type of crime with little or no recourse by the victim. All to often the addiction ravaged drug taker and thief is somehow portrayed as a victim. A victim of an evil addiction but at the same time someone who constantly appears unanswerable to the consequences of their offending. There are also numerous people who sell their souls, their bodies and their close family ties in the name of drugs and the misery they cause. 

So there you have it, two of the evils of our society that are responsible for so much misery and negative effect. One is glamorised and popularised by trendy and attractive advertising campaigns, has sponsored major events and sporting teams, is easily available and a huge source of revenue for the Government.

The other is illegal, a dark and shady under the counter type of business, still readily available to people who want to buy it and allows a good living for those in the top levels of the supply and demand chain. The Government have not yet found a way of taxing this.

The cost to the country, and therefore the taxpayers, is not known, but I would hazard a guess that the costs for treatment for addicts, of either alcohol or controlled drugs, is huge. The time spent by charitable trusts, hospitals, other volunteer organisations and clinics in treating the addicts would be absolutely astonishingly high. The disruption to Hospital A &E Departments across the country as a direct result of alcohol or drugs related incidents, as well as the first hand shit the hospital staff are forced to endure in the name of helping people who are the abusers, offenders as well as the victims of the first group is another astonishingly high figure.

Drugs, alcohol, I haven’t even touched on the dreaded tobacco. I shall remain with the first two.

Why are both either made illegal and banned or both made legal and taxed to cover just some of the cost of putting in place sufficient resources to deal with the aftermath that results in their abuse and numerous offences committed in their names? 

The dedication of staff in many public service establishments in towns and cities across the country keep a lid on things for most of the time. This should allow the people who can make the decisions, to change things, the time to evaluate their choices and decision making processes. Government after Government, in succession, fail to do anything about it because they claim that the evidence of this deterioration is allegedly never there to make them understand that a real and worsening problem exists. There is always some expert or statistic to show the opposite of what everyone else knows is going on.  They claim to be listening but they appear to be selectively hearing. Still nothing appears to get done.


3 Responses

  1. I think that the answer to the drugs issue has to be either one of two approaches:

    1, Make the dealing of illegal substances a capital offence. Their property and assets to be seized immediately, all moneys raised to go to rehab, and building of facilities to help those who cannot help themselves.

    2, Legalise all drugs, remove any ‘glamour’ related to the taking of them and tax them so much their eyes water….

    Nope, never will happen, not a politician in the house with a spine.

  2. No easy solution to the problem, the politicians don’t have the spine though – that’s 100% right.

    Sadly, we’re at the beginning of the drug and alcahol abuse avalanche in – it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  3. I’ve been drunk, many, many times in the last 25 years. So have a lot of my mates. Oddly enough, I’ve never attracted the attention of the police as a result of being drunk. Nor have my mates. I don’t get all fighty with a few drinks in me. I get talky, gushy, silly and sleepy, but never fighty. I’ve never attempted to drive drunk, because I’m not an idiot. I’ve never bought alcohol instead of food, or spent the rent money on drink, because it’s a luxury, and I’m not an idiot.

    I’ve taken drugs many, many times in the last 25 years. LSD, mushrooms, and a shitload of hash and grass. So have a lot of my mates. Oddly enough, I’ve never attracted the attention of the police as a result of being wasted. I’ve never needed to attend A&E. Nor have my mates. I’ve never driven while high or tripping, because I’m not an idiot. I’ve never bought drugs instead of food, or spent the rent money on drugs, because they’re a luxury, and I’m not an idiot.

    In all other respects, I’m a model citizen. I pay all my taxes, my car’s completely road legal, I work on mainframes as a systems programmer and the only state benefit I receive is child benefit. Last time I spoke to a police officer was because a rear light bulb had blown on my car and I hadn’t realised.

    I’m not your target. I’m not your enemy. I’ve never stolen money to buy drink/drugs, done violence for drink/drugs, done violence because of being drunk/wasted.

    Yet the fact that all illegal drugs are grouped under more or less one heading means that I get lumped in with the crack-smoking, heroin-injecting junkies who’d rip off anybody and anything for a fiver towards their next wrap.

    I don’t know what it’s like to face such lowlifes on a daily basis – I can’t. But they’re not me, and I’m not them. The drug laws in this country need a bloody good overhaul, to separate out the recreational from the addictive.

    I’d love to be able to buy clean, cheap, chemically pure LSD, or home-grown mushrooms or hashish, in the same way I might buy a good bottle of premium vodka, a fine wine or a well-aged cask ale. Taking away a huge slice of the money from the drug underworld would probably make enforcing the remaining laws a good deal easier for everyone as well.

    Actually, while we’re at it, legalise the lot. The hard-core junkies will either kill themselves with ODs, or be able to feed themselves properly and maybe clean their act up if every penny they can scrape together isn’t going on drugs.

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