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World Cup ?

At least one footy fan feels the force of canine deployment whilst another lurks in the background.

As more and more informationhits the public arena concerning the despicable behaviour of a few, apparently only 0.015% according to Noddy, the details continue to come in or exactly how the Police were responsible for everything.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Murdo Fraser initially said the decision to deploy riot police was an “over-reaction” which may have inflamed the situation.

But he was later forced to temper his comments after viewing the CCTV footage.  Bravo to you Murdo.

Police will be made to put protecting the public ahead of their own personal safety under Conservative plans due to be announced today.

The BBC broadcast a program concerning the high level of attacks on Police Officers.

It was called Police Attacks: Officer Down

There was a link to this on the BBC i-player. I don’t know if it is still active. If so have a look, it will give you enlightenment and show what a lot of trash some of our elected representatives talk. 


The program was based around the huge number of assaults on Police officers, mostly in Scotland where the number of assaults against the Police are the highest.  No wonder the Scottish Police got their award in full and weren’t robbed by the Government, they clearly are worthy of it.

Some of the behaviour on display by elements of the blue hoards clearly indicate the same.

Just to think, at some stage there will be an overwhelming clamour to host a Football World Cup.

I feel sure that the actions of the 0.015%  will promote just one reason why this should never happen. 



11 Responses

  1. Bravo Murdo? He’s a sound bite merchant as I said and his foot is usually in his mouth. Political hue aside, he is the epitome of a Tory Twit.

    p.s. I do hope the hound gets a set of jabs after its encounter.

  2. ….and access to a suitable mouthwash.

  3. Oh. by the way (jimmy), Fraser is a Hun supporter, so not biased then?

  4. that photo is brilliant. hopefully the FA Cup final between two hard clubs known to hate each other won’t kick off as badily, however the Met will have more than 300 public order officers on for it. Wish us luck!

  5. Best of luck MCM. We won’t be far away if you need us. Hope there is no problems with the screens.

    Noddy, I was unaware that tories had any wit.

  6. Feel sorry for the lads and lasses in GMP who were clearly out numbered on Wednesday hope all feel bettter soon. The above picture paints a thousand words.
    Perhaps the top brass not just in GMP but elsewhere will now review the decision to cut operational dogs otherwise things like this just may come back to haunt them.

  7. Of course, the Police & Manchester City Council were to blame.

    A caring community – such as Moscow City Council – takes the correct precautions as shown in this rehearsal for the forthcoming influx of Man U vs Chelsea supporters ……………


  8. Posted in jest, without meaning to insult my colleagues in GMP in any way…

    But bear with me while I try to string a few coherent thoughts together:

    a.. Next week Man U play some London team in the final of some footie comp in Russia

    b.. If you’re a Mancunian then even if your own team is City or ‘pool or some such you still want to see Man U stuff the Londoners

    c.. The City council want to show what a great city M is by putting up giant screens and inviting tens of thousands of people to sup ale & watch the match

    d.. Just as a precaution, they’d like a few policemen around

    e.. Well, actually not just a few but, like, cancel all leave

    f.. Policemen live near where they work

    g.. See point “b”

    h.. Same City council think it would be great to have a dress rehearsal this week when some Scottish team play some Russian team in Manchester

    i.. So, all leave cancelled again

    j.. Now, if you’re on duty you can’t really relax and have a few jars can you ?

    k.. See point “b”

    l.. So, you’re working this Wednesday

    m.. but if you took the fuse out of that plug over there, what would happen ?

    n.. maybe a couple of hundred drunken Jocks would get irate, having sat in the armchair drinking beer since 7 am and now the telly’s broke

    o.. So, if somebody could wind them up a bit, maybe they’d kick off

    p.. Perhaps do a bit of damage, which would upset the Council

    q.. and with only 7 days to go, maybe it would be rash to go ahead next week with the whole big screens/leave cancelled thing?

    r.. So, perhaps the big screens could stay in their boxes

    s.. and leave could be reinstated

    t.. So, one could have a beer or two down the local and watch the match in peace, sort of thing

    u.. Hypothetically, of course…

  9. My other half supports Rangers and we had a “difference of opinion” over the policing only this afternoon. He was on the side of the police presence being an over-reaction and exacerbating the situation etc and I was on the side of, well football crowds have from for trouble and a big police presence was essential. We have decided not to discuss it any further since it was causing war!! Of course neither of us were actually there so are basing it all on media coverage…

  10. that should read “form for trouble” not “from for trouble”.

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