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Simply not acceptable.

16-YEAR-OLD Jimmy Mizen was murdered in a bakers’ shop in the Three Cooks shop at the junction of Burnt Ash Hill and Woodyates Road. Jimmy suffered serious injuries to his neck and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jimmy is yet another statistic within an ever increasing tide of violence, threats of violence and intimidation that is widening and getting more widespread as time goes on.

Yet another bright young life is wasted and brought to a premature end by the anger and uncontrolled rage that blights our society on a daily basis.

Each and every day, on the television, within computer games the images and role models of our society get their way by the use of threats, bad attitudes and violence. There seems to be constant conflict and bad attitudes.

There is always the claim that there is no evidence that any of this violence promoted as entertainment, be it on the TV, DVD or the cinema, the games that are available for computer or games consoles has any proven link with any increases in violent crime. Indeed, the Home Office deny there is any increase. Again, there is no evidence to link one with the other.

Instead there are accusations of the break up of the family group is responsible for lowering standards and placing the value and respect upon our fellow human beings.  There is no evidence for this either that confirms the link between loss of family values and increased violence in our society.

These things are claimed.

The responsibility therefor lies with no one. Arguments for where the responsibility lies forget the individual and the basic fact that this responsibility for any individual action lies with the person or people who carry out that act.

Violence,threats of violence and intimidation have been glorified and given little consequence by those who refuse to see any problem exists, so much so that it seems to be accepted by far too many people as an ordinary, everyday, occurrence.

Now try to explain that to the family, friends and loved ones of someone who has been killed or injured by unprovoked or unnecessary violence.

There has been an illusion created that violence and intimidation is cool and gives one some form of credibility and respect. This goes hand in hand with a society where things are left unchallenged and individual responsibility for actions is not enforced.

Society turns it’s back on those who should be challenged, apart from the statistics that make the news where another victim falls prey to the false bravado hiding behind the shelter of a larger group, alcohol or a far smaller, weaker and defenseless victim that is an easy target.

Yet another waste of a life and a family shattered by grief.

Yet another statistic that has the hand wringers out in force defending inaction and dismissing links to the ever increasing levels of violence now readily acceptable by far too many people in our society who should really know better.

The parents of Jimmy Mizen have maintained such an incredible level of dignity and compassion at the loss of their son that I find hard to comprehend, because I could never see myself coping with such a loss in anywhere near the same restrained and respectful way.

Their words are simple and true. There is too much anger within our society. Will it change ?

The answer is simple. Sad, obvious, but simple.


Not until the will of those who protect and defend the ones who see violence, intimidation and misery as an acceptible means to an end, a way of proving some form of misguided status and getting respect changes to the level where it is simply not acceptable and they are brave enough to do something about it.

Society has slid to a level where far too many people do not have to achieve or earn anything. Too many do not have to work for personal attainment because it made easier for them to get looked after and supported. At the same time, those that do work get taxed to the hilt as well as risk losing their hard earned property to those who have no respect for anyone or suffer any consequences for their actions and behaviour.


6 Responses

  1. Yes, there is far to much anger.
    I don’t know why.

  2. That poor family. No one should have to lose a child. Even worse to lose them in this manner.

    I so agree with this post W.E.B. I see there is such a lack of personal responsibility, as well as the glorification of violence to take by force those things you want with a total disregard for those around you. I’m seeing it more and more. Not only have the children learned to blame everyone or everything other than taking responsibility, but they are being told these excuses by their parents. (Not all, thankfully)

  3. “Society has slid to a level where far too many people do not have to achieve or earn anything.”

    But we’ve also made a society where far too many people cannot achieve or earn anything.

    I’m a software engineer. i write complex custom software that can analyse huge quantities of data. This is a job that used to be done by a lot of people spending a lot of time crunching the numbers. What used to take them weeks, takes my code days. I know that several people have been re-assigned based on the fact that my code now does their old job. There’s only so much make-work to be found in any given organisation. Factories have become heavily automated, there’s only so much menial work to go around and a lot of people wanted to be paid a good wage, so their skilled jobs in manufacturing went overseas.

    Where are the apprenticeships that will teach these people a trade, and pay them a decent living wage while they learn it? More to the point, where’s the ethics that says the welfare state’s there to help you through the bad patches, but the dole is meant to be what you get to survive while you’re looking for another job?

    Also, when did it become societally acceptable to be thick as shit? To be proud of being an ignoramus (even if you couldn’t spell it)? The jobs for these people either don’t exist any more, as they’ve been automated out of existence (boring, menial repetetive tasks), or they’ve been replaced by immigrants (gender/race/ethnicity irrelevant) who really know what true poverty is and don’t ever want it to happen to them again.

    Maybe we should try the american system, where you get unemployment money for a set period, enough to let you find another job. Then nothing. Work, or starve. If you can’t find a job, any job, in 6 months, you really aren’t trying.

  4. When I was ‘young’. I always carried some sort of knife, often a pen knife, but when I was in the boy scouts a sheath knife on the belt was the norm.
    Most boys had knives (and air guns) it was just accepted.. No one ever thought of stabbing anyone.
    In those days the worst that could happen in a fight was a kick in the head (which was bad enough)
    Something has gone (and is still going) seriously wrong and there should be a royal commission to sort it.

  5. My local street has not been swept for over two years, I complained to the council who said they could not afford more street cleaners. What about all the youths on community service orders. Oh, we tried that but health and safety stopped us, the little darlings might get hurt. You could,nt make it up.

  6. When we were young, we didn’t have much, so we had to make do. My parents would have died before they asked for credit, the only debt they ever had was the mortgage. Recently, it has been too easy to get things without working hard to pay for them up front, therefore reducing the items real value. Also there is the ‘must have latest gadget’, designer whatever crap. Cost is added by the application of a label, value is reduced.

    And as for the ‘can’t work won’t work’ cretins, give their handouts in scrip, or vouchers, that are irredeemable for booze or fags.

    Finally, all punishments should be immediate and Draconian. I would happily see capital ‘punishment’ (think of it as vermin control) brought back on to the statute books. Even if it never used. Stocks may be a good idea too…..

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