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Free money, apply here, no proof needed.

It is nice and particularly satisfying to know that for anyone who works for a living, your hard earned taxes are used to support those who are in need of a bit of financial support. Generally it is for essentials, presumably a plasma screen TV, fag supply, regular alcohol intake needs, microwave dinners, alleged gambling addiction etc etc.

It appears that all tax payers owe a huge debt of gratitude to Danny Wilshaw after he exposed the ease with which tax fiddlers and general lazy bastards can cheat the tax payer out of thousands of pounds by submitting fraudulent claims for child benefit. Wilshaw was surprised at how easy it was for people to con the system to claim child tax credits. In fact it was that easy that he and Nancy Stevenson did it for their 16, yes sixteen, non existent children. The imaginary costs of nappies, clothes, car seats and lego sets must have almost financially crippled them.

No checks, no visits from welfare, health visitors and the like , just a confetti of handouts for 16 invisible and non existant children.

Danny Wilshaw, 58, claimed more than £75,000 over four years and must serve half of a 20-month jail sentence. Half……… ?  That will really be a deterrent.

Nancy Stevenson, 59, of Weston-super-Mare, was accused of claiming up to £11,000 in child tax credits over four years.

She was given a 12-month non-custodial order and must observe a curfew between 1900 and 0700 BST. I bet she is absolutely cacking herself in fear of that hefty sentence. 

The pair, both from Weston-super-Mare, exploited a loophole after realising they did not have to send children’s birth certificates to tax officials to prove they existed.

The local council are trying to find places as they plan on taking all of the imaginary children into care for their own safety.

After his arrest, Wilshaw, a gambling addict with 85 previous convictions for fraud, claimed he had done a public service by exposing the loophole.

It is a shame that it is not made just as easy for pensioners to claim for heating support payments.

I suppose that if they had a large house with 16 bedrooms it would be somehow easier.


4 Responses

  1. No other country I know of is this pathetic. We dish out cash to any scrounger who can whine long enough while proud people who have had the down right barefaced cheek of working enough to buy a home, and possibly need a bunk up from the nation in say, old age, a family crisis or ill health get told to jog on.
    I attended a URN a few weeks back where a foreign national who had had her leave to stay refused but was a bit scared an old boyfriend (who she cannot name/describe/locate) may get her. Fair enough if someone is in genuine fear!. What got me was the 3 bedroom house this 17 year old was in. The heating was on full, the telly was on and take away wrappers littered the floor. SO not only is the young lady now in a house courtesy UK taxpayer, but for a number of days she has response paying passing attention to the house we are paying for.

    While on one of these visits it was noticed a number of gentlemen callers were leaving the property and the resulting door knock resulted in the poor lass getting pinched. So know we are paying for a solicitor as well.

    The final insult was when one of her gentlmen callers burgled Ted next door. Ted is a bus driver, or he was until he was robbed and beaten badly and his eyesight ruined. His house is cold as he is on a small pension from the bus firm. He has a small telly, so small it was not worth stealing. His house is tidy but damp.

    Ted does not get passing attention, Ted got a leaflet and a UV pen. But then Ted does not fall in to the realm of the department for proving the police care for all.

  2. “The local council are trying to find places as they plan on taking all of the imaginary children into care for their own safety.”

    BREAKING NEWS: Somerset County Council Social Services department, unable to locate the 16 nonexistent children, has reported them to the police as missing persons.

    A social worker commented: “It’s now no longer our problem. Our backs are covered, er, I mean our consciences are clear”.

    Meanwhile, posters reading “FIND GARETH, SIMON, SANDRA, BRIAN, JASON, REBECCA, PHILLIP, EDITH, TERRY, BARBRA, AMANDA, JESSICA, MIRANDA, JEMMA, DANNY AND AMBER” have started appearing in windows on estates throughout Somerset.

  3. Boy, this post hits home. While shopping the other day, this woman was throwing all the best cuts of meat and such in her cart. All the while saying how she was on food stamps, so she didn’t care, and was going to have the best. She wasn’t “pay’en” for it. I had all I could do not to say, “Yeah, well I am!”

    Here they are starting to talk about mandatory drug testing for anyone on assistance. If they don’t pass – no assistance.

    Loved the jokes on the other post. Blue Knight cracked me up too.

  4. Of course these parasites were given non-custodial sentences. If the jails were filled with criminals where would they put the pensioners witholding part of their council tax in protest at the increasing cost of getting nothing in return. This country ceased to be a civilised country many years ago but it’s only those who pay their way who care about this. The great unwashed, the very wealthy (who are able to evade tax) and our political masters all show that to be decent, honest and hardworking is a mug’s game. My wife and I can’t beat them so we’re leaving them to it. We have found a beach house in Thailand and once her retirement arrives, off we go.

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