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Life under the cloak.

There has been a list published giving the top ten places where burglary is only one part of the blight that affects the persons perceived as statistical figures in to-days modern society.  At one time they used to be known by their other collective term of ‘victims.’

1. Nottingham
2. London
3. Bristol
5. Leeds
6. Manchester
7. Hull
8. Cambridge
9. Sheffield
10. Reading
Guildford is identified as the location for the least risk of home thefts followed by Dundee, Norwich, Swindon and Bath.  Home theft ? An interesting alternative perhaps ?
This follows on from Government reports about the first recorded fall in overall violence in eight years, even though drug offences and robbery went up.  The same figures also indicate 24-hour drinking laws have not changed rates of alcohol-fuelled crime, but have merely shifted incidents to the early hours.  The Home Office said it needed to boost public confidence in statistics because 65% believed crime was rising. 

I suspect that those 65% might be the Police officers who deal with this alleged recorded fall in the crime figures. Perhaps the reduction in officers means that less are doing more of the crime recording resulting in the appearance that there is really more crime but the reality there is a lot less ? A great bit of productivity evidence for the next appraisal.

 You can, of course, totally trust these ‘statistics’ from a Government who claim that the underlying rate of inflation is steady at below their target inflation rate.

Also, anyone who thinks that anything likely to increase above the target rate is simply taken out of the equation and not considered when the numbers are crunched is totally wrong. These items were already out of the frame. 

So now you understand that this figure does not include the cost of your mortgage, fuel bill increases, bread, milk, butter, cheese, local rates, fuel costs for your transportation, be it car bus, train etc and a whole load of other things that have gone up enormously but, as if by magic, have had no effect on the underlying inflation rate. In fact anything that is likely to go up or increase about the target rate is not included. What a novel and simply brilliant idea.

Once upon a time, in a far off land where everything was clouded in a cloak of invisible responsibility,  where the spin of words was the aim to prove an effective source of governance, the same statistics were given out by the people who said that all was well…………….and they all lived happy ever after because they could see that all was well, under the cloak.


10 Responses

  1. I cant comment on the old sysytem as regards crime recording when I believe the officer inputted the crime onto the system.

    During my all too short 5 years as an officer I still care!, I had the pleasure of dealing with Police staff in the Crime Recording Bureau, Crime recording, Crime system whatever each force wishes to choose

    Numerous times I called to place a crime to be told that they wouldnt record it as such, as they had had a weeks training on the subject, i.e Burglary and their name would be recorded as inputing such.

    It’s not a Burglary- It’s a walk in Theft

    No evidence to suggest an Attempted Burglary- How about the jemmy left in the door frame near to the lock?
    It’s a suspicious incident

    It’s not a Robbery- It’s theft and ABH

    Interestingly, I am reliebly informed that the police staff member taking the call, grade the officer in his or her ability- If you fall foul then you are action planned to improve your performance

  2. Now you seem to know about these things, perhaps you might become….er….a local Councillor, or summat?

  3. Ex at 46 kind of explains what you all probably knew..just when Hull where at the bottom of the league for something too, there had to be a catch..lol..xx

  4. Whichendbites, this is double plus ungood negspeak. Report to Big Brother for re-education.

    I remember reading 1984 for the first time 30 years ago and thinking that could never happen here.

  5. dickiebo- new to all this, so if your reply is directed to my comments, then I will stick to the summat!, although the expenses as a local councilor sound good.

    Emma, apologies for my lack of eloquence, I will try better next time.lol

  6. ex-at46; No, not you mate. My remark was meant for an understanding dawg-handler!

  7. Try reclassifying murder as Involuntary Euthanasia.

    Stll I’m glad the choco ration’s gone up to 30 grams.

  8. Exat46 – I wasn’t having a dig at you..honest!..x

  9. Statistics mean nothing – it has been long known that 67.2 percent of statistics are made up.
    Some years ago, during a training session when the (then) guidelines for recording crime were being introduced, we were asked what the difference was between a burglary and a theft. The ‘mentor’ (a PC from Trg) seemed slightly peeved when a long serving PC replied, “According to the recent guidelines, if there’s a body on the end of the job it’s a burglary while if there’s no body on the end of it, then it’s a theft.” For some strange reason, it was felt necessary for a senior officer to be called and to remind us that we were a disciplined service and should not take this instruction lightly. It seems little has changed.

  10. No offence taken Emma!. Last comment on this subject
    I wasn’t a PC for nothing, I sense the crew mate of the host on this site has a higher IQ than me! lol

    I look forward to adding further comments in the future when I feel have enough to say on the discussion.

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