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Shining examples.

We have a Ghurka soldier who has fought the the UK, risking his life and awarded medals for his bravery,  Madan Gurung, who served for 24 years has had his application to stay in the UK rejected. He and numerous other brave soldiers have handed back their hard earned medals as a sign of their disgust at their treatment.

We have a SERIAL paedophile arriving in the UK today after being deported from Australia following a 12-year jail sentence. He had been there for over 50 years.

We have the Chindamo case where deportation from the UK to Italy was refused because of not breaching his human rights.

We have all too many foreign criminals who are not deported for a whole list of reasons when really they should be.

We have this so called ‘managed migration’ used as an excuse for no border controls and anyone who speaks out is deemed to be a racist, even though it is perceived to save the Government hundreds of millions not to do anything about illegal visitors or overstayers.

We have insufficient prison places for the Government who are ‘Tough on Crime’ and have been reported as wanting to stop or reduce short term custodial sentences, even though they have increased the early release program to try to conjure up more spaces in the prison numbers despite trying to change the sentencing rules and putting pressure on the judiciary to reduce the numbers of those sentenced to custodial sentences. We could be in for a rehabilitation revolution  according the Jack Straw.

Can’t wait.

Whatever is going on ? 


12 Responses

  1. How these tribunals can turn down the likes of Madan Gurung and his comrades escapes me.

    The dross they allow to stay in this country..!!!!

    Have to stop ..bile rising too much.

  2. And the trouble is………..we can do sod-all about it. Legally.
    Officer Dibble is right. We should not allow the dross in Parliament to stay!!

  3. I agree cant believe that Mr Gurung and his fellow soldiers were turned down. What absolute tosh. Lets see some of our ‘customers’ last 24 hours in the forces never mind 24 years.

  4. The Ghurkas have shown willingness to stop a bullet for me and mine. That’s all I need to know about them. Don’t care whether they integrate, speak English, or worship Odin. They have my vote.

    Maybe we could ask them to watch the paedophiles?

  5. Quite a bit of my Army service was with Gurkhas (GTR) and they really were the salt of the earth. They go through a very tough time to be enlisted into the British Army and it is considered a high honour. They have fought in the majority of the campaigns and, as mentioned above, have been awarded numerous awards for gallantry and heroism. So why are they being treated like this? The current Labour Government have no real links with the military – they are happy to start illegal wars but refrain from sending their children out to fight them; politically, they are Republicans and so have little truck with anyone who supports, or gives allegiance to, the monarchy; they are all followers of the Frankfurt School of political thought and hate this country so much they are determined to reduce it to the sink council estate of the European Union – and by the time that happens, they or their children will all be members of the European Parliament and so cushioned from it all. Don’t forget that Guardian readers are people who believe that this country should be ruled by another country. On another note about the Gurkhas, there’s a local story about an ex Gurkha solder who has joined my county force and is not being allowed to transfer his Army pensionable service to the Police pension scheme as there is apparently ‘no regulations which cover this’. If there was any honour in this Government both of these decisions would change but I won’t hold my breath.

  6. I don’t really see what Guardian readers have to do with this. I read the Graun, along with four or five other papers, and my opinions vary depending on the subject matter.

    Spot on though, WEB. The Gurkhas have had a crap deal for far too long, while benefit scroungers/criminals of all races and nationalities/politicians have an easy ride on our taxes.

  7. There be a petition in support of the gurkha’s, what good it will do I have no idea but it only takes a second.


  8. How about this for an entry requirement if defending our country isn’t enough – they can merge with the rehabilitation system with the citizenship program to give us a new political gameshow “The Running Chav”. The Gurkha’s are the hunters – sound good?

    Joking aside, it’s disgusting treatment of them. Apparently putting your life on the line for a country isn’t enough to get citizenship these days, you have to be an unemployed worthless dole jockey who claims they were oppressed in some way.

  9. My partner and I have followed the Chindamo case with interest over the years as she taught him before he killed Philip Lawrence.

    She’d mentioned him to me long before the murder as one of the ones most likely kill someone and one to be wary around, describing him as having dead eyes and no compassion or empathy for others. (She has a lot of experience teaching disturbed, anti-social and dangerous youths, and she’s not said that about many of them.)

    When the news broke that Chindamo was accused of murdering Philip Lawrence, she was completely unsurprised. What did surprise her was the way his legal team and supporters have tried to paint him as some sort of “nice boy” led astray.

    He wasn’t. Chindamo was a hard-core, vicious gangster who boasted about his and his father’s criminal deeds. He should remain in jail for a very long time and then be kicked out of the UK.

  10. Gurkha Soldiers, Ex Gurkha soldiers, their wives and their immediate dependants should be made a special case, -end of.
    (Maybe they should all hang about outside Harrods food hall entrance and beg Krispie Kreme donuts from the shoppers.
    I don’t go to London that often but the east european beggars are always there. I can’t imagine I am the only one who notices them)

  11. There’s another example on the BBC News website tonight. An ex-soldier, turned PCSO, from St Lucia has had his bid for citizenship turned down because he wasn’t in the UK on the same date five years earlier.

    He wasn’t in the UK at the time because he was in the army and had just been posted to a UK base in Germany.


  12. If he was on a British Army base then he WAS in the UK. These bases were identified as being within the United Kingdom and those living there were subject to UK civil (as well as military) law. My elder daughter was born in a BMH in Germany (and classed as a Uk citizen as she was born within UK boundaries). The home Office twonk has no idea what he/she is rabbiting on about. I suggest that the offical has another look at the Quadripartite agreement regarding military residence in the then Britsh controlled zone of West Germany (I believe it’s dated 1946 or ’47) and then contact Mr Jean-Baptiste, grovel humiliatingly and advise him to reapply immediately. Do you think they’ll do it?

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