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    “We trained very hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising. It can be a wonderful method of creating the illusion of progress while creating confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation.”......Petronius
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X marks the spot, trust me on this.

Well we were told we could vote on the small matter of our continued integration into the European alliance of cultures, states and general legislative processes that form the Union. The sacred and much maligned treaty, constitution or collective coming together that will strip away the sovereignty and individuality that makes the UK what it-is.

I am a little surprised at all the talk in the collective media that some MPs have gone against their instructions from their respective management, alternatively known as their political bouncers, to vote against their own side or to go against the party line.

I would have imagined that the individual redneck MPs who contravened the party line may well have been voting in line with the feelings of the constituents they represent within the parliamentary machine. It seems that I may be wrong and that the MPs have a duty to do what the boss tells them to and not listen to the desires of the people they claim to represent in government. We can’t have our MPs voting for the will of the people, whatever next.

So who, exactly, brings the voice of the people, the electors, to be heard in government circles now ?

Am I surprised ?

Of course not. The politicians have not listened to the voices of the people for a long, long time and are not likely to change now.

True to form they will be bleating out the list of false promises and compromises as the next general election draws closer to try to convince us that they really have own best interests at heart when they only really seem interested in what suits them first and foremost. They will even be claiming that they have worked harder than ever before and spent more money than ever before to achieve more than anyone else has achieved before in the history of the multiverse and are now making real progress on the ground.

It seems that only our politicians have their fingers on the pulse of the nations best interests and this is nothing to do with industry and big business, deals done behind closed doors at parliamentary meetings or at Euro summits etc etc etc.

The message is clear.  As an individual you are not important to us. You can do nothing to change things and we are the only ones who know what is best for the Country, best for the UK and the best for you. You simply cannot be trusted to make the right decision so we have to make it for you and you just can’t stop us. Now go away and stop bleating about it.

That should really promote the brand, well done Tone, Gordy & Co.

Who are you going to blame for the population not understanding your message on this ?


3 Responses

  1. I watch the news and read the papers and I really wonder where all this is heading. When we voted for the Common Market, in 1973?, we all thought it would mean it would be easier to travel to Paris and that it literally would be one big free trade market.. How that innocent dream has been corrupted! At the moment European politics is ‘middle of the road’. That might change and right wingers could get elected. When that happens I will enjoy the watching Guardian readers, who have been telling us how good Europe is, choke on their lattes and fluffachinos while they squirm about and try to pretend they never agreed with the EU in the first place

  2. Spot on. I said the same here.http://dickiebo.wordpress.com/

  3. It looks as if listening to the people has passed out of fashion, at least in some democracies.

    National currencies/governments/identities, etc. just hamper the implementation of the Commission’s Vision Grande.

    In the same way, the more the value of your individual judgment and initiative as a police officer are eroded by targets/red tape, the more you become an anonymous instrument of centralised government. I can’t believe I’m coming out with all this pompous crap what the hell do I know about it? all oh well nobody reads it so I’ll KBO.

    There is even a direct police angle on this. Europol are now seeking much wider powers, for instance they want the power to visit crime scenes. They can’t arrest people at the moment, I think they just share information.

    Strangely, Europol officers carry diplomatic immunity. Police blogs bemoan performance-sapping red tape, but I hope they’d agree that immunity from prosecution would be a step to far, even if some might secretly want it occasionally.

    Even Europol’s annual report is top secret; MEPs can’t see it. It’s a small force, and might well be beneficial at the moment, but which EU psycho couldn’t see the potential dangers of a concept like this?

    It seems the EU’s influence grows in inverse proportion to its public accountability. I’m not a historian but I’m sure many alternatives to democracy have been tried and many have ended badly.

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