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    I know enough to know that at 04.00am it gets dark out on the streets. It has done this for the last twenty odd years, to my knowledge and will probably continue for the forseeable future. At some stage in this ‘future’ I shall retire and probably won’t give a damn if it still gets dark at 04.00am. Until then I shall be out there, somewhere, lurking in the shadows because someone, somewhere will be doing stuff they shouldn’t and then, well then I will introduce myself. In the meanwhile I shall try to remain sane and remember why I joined in the first place and try to ignore all the people who piss me off by making the job more complicated than it should be.
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    A Strategic Community Diversity Partnership. We are cutting bureaucracy and reducing the recording of target and monitoring related statistics. Our senior leaders will drive small, economical cars from our fleet surplus to save money to invest in better equipment for our frontline response officers. We are investing money to reinstate station canteens for the benefits of those 24/7 response officers. We have a pursuit policy. The message is that if you commit an offence and use a vehicle, we will follow you and stop you if necessary. It is your duty to stop when the lights and sirens are on. We take account of the findings of the Force questionnaire and are reducing the administration and management levels and returning these officers to frontline response duties. We insist on a work-life balance. We have no political masters. We are implimenting selection processes that take account of an individuals skills and proven abilities for the job. Our senior leaders will have one foot in reality and still possess the operational Policing skills they have long forgotton about and seldom used. All ranks are Police Officers first and specialists second. We will impliment career development and performance evaluation monitoring of our leaders by those officers who operate under that leadership. The most important role is that of Constable. All other roles are there to positively support the role and the responsibility of Constable and the duties performed.
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    “We trained very hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising. It can be a wonderful method of creating the illusion of progress while creating confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation.”......Petronius
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    Taxation is just a sophisticated way of demanding money with menaces.
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    Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.
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    Don't confuse your idea of how important you are with the responsibility of your role.
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    If you had to identify, in one word, why we will never achieve our full potential, Meetings would be that word.
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    When there is no answer to your problem, there is always deflection from the need to justify giving an answer.
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Another outstanding success.

We were told that the extension to licencing hours would bring us into the 21st Century and along with it would come a continental style of cafe culture with a wider choice of drinking times and this freedom would allow for more sensible alcohol consumption during the long awaited 24 hour licensing revolution. People could now spread their alcohol intake over far more time, reducing the binge, quick fix, get as much into your head as fast as you can type of night time thing.

Continental style ? You are having a laugh and should be on the stage. The drinking culture is nothing like on the continent and one piece of legislation cannot replace generations of this culture thing you talk about.

Yet the Government still appears to think this has been an outstanding success.

Culture secretary Andy Burnham believes that the introduction of the Licencing Act in 2005 has not led to the widespread problems some feared. His main conclusion is that people are using the freedoms but people are not sufficiently using the considerable powers granted by the Act to tackle problems.

What problems are these Mr Burnham ?

The problems that you do not believe exist ?

I doubt if Mr Burnham has visited some of the places or seen some of the people at the times of day or night that I have seen since the changes to the licensing legislation.

I have been in town centres, in the City areas where the night time economy spews societies drunken revellers out onto the streets and the hoards of drunken fighting and feuding masses shout, scream and brawl their way back to their homes often leaving a trail of mayhem behind them.

I have visited the Accident & Emergency departments where teams of dedicated medical staff are trying to treat genuine and sick or injured people when everything has to stop because Wayne, Shane, Shaun, Dean, Dale or Carl has got a bit of a nose bleed or some unfortunate person has been kicked half to death for no obvious and sensible reason by a mob of brain dead and out of their faces on alcohol morons.

I have seen bus drivers, taxi drivers, postal workers, print workers, milkmen or others whose jobs dictate they are present in the community at normally unsociable hours going being hassled, threatened and intimidated by these unsociable and drunken idiots.

I have seen rows of cars owned by people who work to buy and maintain them, suffer the misery of getting windows smashed, wipers, mirrors, aerials etc ripped off, bodywork damaged by being walked over, being threatened and having their windows smashed because they dared to tell these morons to bugger off or keep the noise down.

Mr Burnham, you are a blind and ignorant fool if you even consider these things do not happen.

You are an arrogant and ignorant fool if you think that these type of things have not increased since this legislation has been so successfully implemented.  

The one and only success in all of this is that the vendors who sell alcohol have sold more of it, over a wider time period, made more profit out of it and the government has gathered in even more tax because of it. Everything else appears to be acceptible collateral damage which you choose to be selective about and turn your back on.

Another outstanding success, I think you will agree ?

PS. Ministers (apparently) have been forced to admit that there has been a significant increase in serious violent offences in the early hours of the morning. Their claims of a reduction in alcohol related disorder simply has not come about.


3 Responses

  1. […] Jeffrey Morgenthaler wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPeople could now spread their alcohol intake over far more time, reducing the binge, quick fix, get as much into your head as fast as you can type of night time thing. Continental style ? You are having a laugh and should be on the … […]

  2. The Public are stupid , they cant be trusted… is that not what we have been told time and time again , so why should we listen , its not like teh gv’d listens to us ?

    SO lets riot … whoo hooo 54” plasma for me!

  3. I’ve met Burnham – there’s more culture in a petrie dish!

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