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    I know enough to know that at 04.00am it gets dark out on the streets. It has done this for the last twenty odd years, to my knowledge and will probably continue for the forseeable future. At some stage in this ‘future’ I shall retire and probably won’t give a damn if it still gets dark at 04.00am. Until then I shall be out there, somewhere, lurking in the shadows because someone, somewhere will be doing stuff they shouldn’t and then, well then I will introduce myself. In the meanwhile I shall try to remain sane and remember why I joined in the first place and try to ignore all the people who piss me off by making the job more complicated than it should be.
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    A Strategic Community Diversity Partnership. We are cutting bureaucracy and reducing the recording of target and monitoring related statistics. Our senior leaders will drive small, economical cars from our fleet surplus to save money to invest in better equipment for our frontline response officers. We are investing money to reinstate station canteens for the benefits of those 24/7 response officers. We have a pursuit policy. The message is that if you commit an offence and use a vehicle, we will follow you and stop you if necessary. It is your duty to stop when the lights and sirens are on. We take account of the findings of the Force questionnaire and are reducing the administration and management levels and returning these officers to frontline response duties. We insist on a work-life balance. We have no political masters. We are implimenting selection processes that take account of an individuals skills and proven abilities for the job. Our senior leaders will have one foot in reality and still possess the operational Policing skills they have long forgotton about and seldom used. All ranks are Police Officers first and specialists second. We will impliment career development and performance evaluation monitoring of our leaders by those officers who operate under that leadership. The most important role is that of Constable. All other roles are there to positively support the role and the responsibility of Constable and the duties performed.
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    “We trained very hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising. It can be a wonderful method of creating the illusion of progress while creating confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation.”......Petronius
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Not a great deal has happened ?

Well this was the New Labour new initiative that was really going to set the world on fire, reduce the fear of crime and deal with some of the real issues that the population was concerned about.

Significant new investment in police, courts and prisons, as well as in local crime reduction activity and action against illegal drugs, will be delivered over the next three years as a result of the Spending Review, so they said.

It followed recommendations from cross-departmental reviews of the Criminal Justice System, crime reduction and illegal drugs.

Welcoming the Spending Review plans, Jack Straw, the then Home Secretary said:

“Crime reduction is my overriding priority. I therefore welcome the outcome of these reviews. Offending is too often associated with abuse of drugs and alcohol, having truanted from school or having been in care. By getting Whitehall departments working together, we can win the war on crime.”

David Blunkett, the then Education Secretary said:

“There are clear links between crime, truancy and illiteracy. The more we can do to cut failure at school, the more we will contribute to the fight against crime. That is why the Government is committed to raising standards across the board and for those at most risk.”

The then Health Secretary, Alan Milburn, said:

“Crime is associated with substance abuse. Better health education for young people and effective treatment regimes can and will make a difference. My department is committed to playing its part in this cross-Government drive.”

 Crime Reduction was one of the 15 cross-cutting reviews established as part of the 2000 Spending Review.

I will remind you of the above words……………..cross cutting reviews, and definately no cost cutting reviews, all as part of the 2000 spending review.

A spending review normally relates to ways of saving money but at the same time selectively show how you are spending more than you have ever spent.

Has it all worked ?  You decide.

The 2007 budget stated that by 2007-08, compared with 1997-98: spending on the police will have increased by 39 per cent in real terms to over £11 billion, and overall spending on crime, justice and security in the Home Office will be 75 per cent higher in real terms, delivering 14,000 more police officers and 10,000 more Police Community Support Officers. One thing is certain. The National Audit Office will continue to measure the efficiency of the public services and find ever increasing ways that they believe there is more value for money savings to be had from from every small nook & cranny they can find. Public Sector pay will remain the focus of efficiency savings to prop up the Government’s preferred spending plans.  Efficiency savings to do what ?

In simple Budget speak, from 2007, The first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens and ensure their security – safeguarding the nation against terrorist attacks, cutting crime, bringing offenders to justice and managing them effectively to reduce re-offending.

As part of the Home Office’s long-term objective to ensure that more offenders are caught, punished and prevented from re-offending, the Home Secretary announced in July 2006 plans to expand prision capacity by 8,000 places by 2012, with an extra 2,500 places on stream by the end of 2007. Resources provided to the Home Office over the SR04 and 2007 CSR periods provide the investment and long-term funding needed to drive forward this building programme.

I hope you are now reassured.


3 Responses

  1. Ah.

    I am now completely reassured.

  2. Sorry – there is a typo in that last comment. For “now”, please substitute “not”.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. I feel so safe. Hmm. I read this last night after watching a comedy DVD and I think the late, great Bill Hicks said it best when talking about his own country – the UK is no different now sadly:

    “I’ll show you politics in America. Here it is, right here. (Holds up his hands as if they are puppets) “I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.” “I think the puppet on the left has my best interests at heart.” ”
    Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding out both puppets!” (changes voice and hides hands behind his back) “Shut up! Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control. “

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