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Yobs forced me to move home

Well the Telegraph just about says it all, almost

I thought I might have been reading an April 1st edition but no, this is still February so I am a little early.

A Police Superintendent has admitted that he was forced to move house by youths hanging around outside his home. He has allegedly said that he decided to leave because he did not want to confront the teenagers sitting on the wall of his home. The youths had made him nervous about returning from work so he has given in to them and decided to move house. It was either that or start challenging them.

His quality of life has improved massively since then, apparently, as well as saving his Force a fortune in targetted patrols costs and wasted patrolling hours that can be utilised elsewhere.

I expect he is now able to resume his challenging policy making role and showing leadership of the highest quality. There is no problem as he was clearly off duty at the time so what is all the fuss about. 

 This follows on from the Home Secretary’s claims that she just doesn’t think it’s a thing that people do to walk around at midnight. She is fortunate, of course, that she doesn’t have to do so. She also insists that in truth, people are safer, in terms of crime, than 10 years ago. How blatantly and blindingly reassuring. No, its still not April 1st.

Clearly there is one Police Superintendent who would disagree with that view.

I also suspect that the views of quite a lot of the people who make the relevant laws and policies do not normally inhabit the anti-social behaviour zone that the majority of the real world have to occupy because they have neither the means or the finances to move to a different area where they just ring up the Police and expect them to sort out all their perceived problems for them.

Perhaps sitting on someones wall could become a sanctioned detectable crackdown type of tick in the box statistical target sort of thing.

Our Superintendent could then set up a working party to have meetings about it to decide on a strategic plan to combat the problem. After sorting out the terms of reference there would be a three month review after liaison with the crime analyst etc etc to allocate ownership of the problem to some already overworked individual(s) who will be committed to the problem and will be working harder than ever to make our communities be safer and feel safer. Things will be moving forward on the ground in real terms and they will be making real progress.

But what about all those removal lorries in the street. They are causing an obstruction.

We could set up a working party to have a series of meetings to agree on a strategy to combat the problem. Someone will be allocated to take ownership of the problem………….


7 Responses

  1. Supt Mawson meet PC King. PC King is a real policeman.

  2. A while ago went to one of those two day bashing debates about how the police are racist-you know we’ve all been sent to them Anyway there was a Ch/Insp (Who is know uo further again in the ranks) telling us how nice those people were from the travelling community and that we did not understand them, it was all going great until some one asked how he would like them setting up next to him-the topic got changed!

  3. In two minds now whether to sit outside his office everytime he walks in or near the entrance to the nick perhaps he will move nick’s then.
    Not one to say he should challenge them but shows a destinct lack of leadership. Perhaps every officer should walk away and not confront anyone anymore.
    He should get out on the street with his patrol officers see what they have to put up with too far removed from reality springs to mind.

  4. If there is a partner and / or kids for Supt. Wayne Mawson I reckon that had something to do with him heading for the high timber. Either way, I can’t say I blame him. His impeccable CV says very clever guy, background in strategic level ops, good admin cop, black belt in partnerships and strategies, face known in high places. Super is unlikely to be his final rank with a CV like that. Last thing his career needs is getting the wrong side of ethical crime recording when the scummers push him beyond the point of emotional endurance. Push back and what’s next, the cars get keyed, eggs at the windows, dog poo on the door etc etc etc. Better just to quietly pack up and go.

    Embarrassing? Heck yes but moving house seems valid if you lack confidence in the ability of the local Police and “Wider Police Family” to solve your problem.

    However, it must be with some bitter irony that the troops of Tottenham, Wood Green, Hornsey, St Annes and Muswell Hill read their last published borough newsletter, the Autumn 2007 Haringey Beat.

    * Borough Commanders Intro – We’ve all got a part to play in the battle for safer streets
    * Keeping the heat off the streets Youth Project
    * Reassuring the whole community
    * Making a difference in your community

    All those words and aspirations can’t solve the problems of one unhappy, nervous man with youths sat on his wall

    Mr Mawson sir, you are just a cipher for a larger problem. I hope this quietens down soon and you can get on with your career.

  5. I dread to think what people at his nick think of him letting that out to the public.

    I’ve given up trying to understand these people.

  6. What a shitbag!

  7. Unfortunately, like in most jobs now an officer’s rank has little to do with their leadership skills.

    It does have one hell of a lot to do with how you’re perceived by senior management though.

    Perception (unfortunately) is usually based around what people think you’ve done rather than what is actually achieved. Even when it is based on achievement, people usually don’t distinguish between achieving something worthwhile and achieving something of no real value.

    If it’s any consolation, it’s exactly the same in the private sector mate!

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