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Crackdown, again.

It seems like you can’t beat a decent crackdown to sort of the ills of the world.

The politicians major knee-jerk reaction to the vast amount of problems that blight the electorate all around the country is to roundly chastise the problem and then announce a crackdown to convince the Country that they are doing their bit in an effort to deal with the plights of the masses.

The next step is to convince the people who deal with these sorts of things, that it really is a good idea to launch a crackdown on any given subject. It sounds like the Government is doing a lot about the problem.

It could be anyone of these problems:

Selling alcohol to children, Selling cigarettes to children, Playing truant from school, Knife crime, Gun crime, Robberies – theft of mobile phones, Vehicle crime of various sorts from ringing to theft of sat navs, Heavy goods vehicle and licencing offences, Red diesel instead of normal diesel offences, Anti social behaviour, youth disorder, night time economy, alcohol related violence, Domestic violence, Seasonal domestic violence, Speeding, underage drivers, Boy racers, graffiti, Drugs use, Drugs manufacture, Drugs suppliers, Domestic Burglaries, Commercial burglaries, Sale of stolen property, Shoplifting, Drink driving, Abandoned vehicles, Prostitution, Immigration, Smoking in the workplace, Reducing road fatalities & serious injuries, Driving and talking on mobile phones, Drivers not wearing seatbelts, Animal rights extremists, Terrorist activity, Rogue recruitment agencies, illegal migrant workers, fly tipping, Internet fraud, Child pornography, Paedophiles, Uninsured drivers, Theft of metals lead copper etc. Eastern European sex traffickers, East European criminals, Halloween disorder, Fireworks, Counterfeit music CD’s and film DVD’s, Telephone, internet and mail scams, Mini moto’s, Organised and serious crime, many many more, Crackdown, crackdown, crackdown.

So now you should understand how dedicated your politicians are and how hard they are working towards making your communities safer. They also have various ‘projects’ for all these crackdowns and allow the Police to give them trendy and catchy names or phrases.

Could even be a ‘blitz’ or ‘zero tolerance’ but the message is still the same.

They also have their ‘experts’ rename things so we can all understand the trendy speak. The pubs, clubs & boozers are known collectively as part of the night time economy. How quaint.

50 drunken people fighting in the street at 2am is not quaint. 

One double crewed unit to deal is not quaint either, it is downright bloody dangerous.

We should have a crackdown against bloody dangerous.

But I forgot, we’ve got training so everything is alright.

We aren’t having a crackdown on quaint at the moment so everything is all OK.

Trouble is, the politicians are not the ones dealing with the crackdowns. Probably too busy thinking up their next crackdown to pass on whilst the response units up and down the country are dealing with the stuff that continues to come in, no matter what the latest crackdown is at the time.

I feel sure that we can find some extra Police officers to deal with the latest crackdown. They must be some somewhere. Perhaps we can cut a bit of bureaucratic red stuff and get them away from their computers to patrol with a PCSO each to make the communities feel safe and be safe.

Two birds with one stone there. High vis Policing and someone to deal with all the stuff that comes along.  I must try to put a business case together for this.

I have recently learnt about business cases, but thats another story.


2 Responses

  1. Man Oh Man that list of crackdown subjects deserves an award.

    But you forgot a few…. the latest crackdown on overtime, moral and pay….!!!

  2. Hey, Enjoyed your blog. Great reading. Be Safe and Keep Up The Fight !

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