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I have got this from the blog of 200weeks, it sums up a lot of people’s feelings about scum. I have posted about scum on a previous occasion.

This is the face of Nicholase Hague.


Hague’s handiwork can be see in the photograph below.


You might need some assistance to work out that the battered face is that of a 60-year-old female, Susan Collins, after Hague kicked her to the ground and repeatedly stamped on her face when she declined to give him a cigarette in Warrington. The victim is still in a wheelchair, is blind in one eye and 4 metal plates were used to reconstruct her face.

Susan was put on a life support machine as a result of this pond-life’s actions.

Hague had received an 18-month jail term in 2005 after admitting helping another man kick a 31-year-old man to death in Warrington in 2004.

Excuse me, did I read that right? This man got 18 months for helping to kick to death another person? 18 months? Is someone having a laugh?

How many times do stories have to appear like this before someone in the judicial system will sit up and take note and dish out some proper sentences. If this man had been given anything like the kind of sentence most reasonable people would expect for assisting in a murder, he wouldn’t have been on the streets to do almost the same thing to an innocent 60-year old woman.

As if the original sentence wasn’t joke enough, as a result of this unprovoked attack on a woman, the judge jailed him indefinitely for GBH recommending he serve at least 3 1/2 years!

I think it’s about time people started sueing judges and defence solicitors for actions which ultimately allow scum like Hague to go out and do it again.

Tough on crime……………………. ?



10 Responses

  1. “Gordon Brown has announced a new package of development aid for India, worth £825m over the next three years.”

    That’s your pay rise he’s spending.

    Politicians don’t give a toss about Joe Public UK.

    Nothing will ever be done unless you stop siding with the scum at the top and start rejecting their stats and red tape and vote with your feet back out onto the streets.

  2. I posted this one also!
    It begs the question, should someone put a rope around his neck? he certainly should never be set free again!!

  3. PCSW fairplay to you, things like this need more publicity. 3 more days.

    Lozzy. Thanks for your comment. Itis not just Police Officers’ pay, itis also the pay of Nurses and relevant medical support staff in hospitals & clinics, local authority workers, teachers, armed Forces and fire officers. All the public service sector wages are going into one big pot that will sound very large indeed and create an illusion that this government are spending more than ever before. That is the words they will use. The reality is that they are effectively cutting public spending to finance other things that suit them and the services that the eseential services provide will be effected. They call this ‘investment’ but this is a con. You do not invest in essential services, you have to pay for them. You invest in business to get a financial return. You pay for essential services because this and every other government tell the tax payers they will provide this service for them. They government will continue to cut services because they limit what they give to local authorities and also cap how much local authorities can tax the people who live in their areas. Like everything that is provided it comes at a cost and every person who pays taxes is taxed in every conceivable area, sometimes more than once. Far too much money is wasted on trying to promote a brand without ensuring that the brand is a worthy one and worth the cost of promoting. Too many things are done with efficiency savings at the core of change and a claimed improvement in the service delivered as a result.

  4. I was always brought up to respect the Law. Every day it looks as if the Law fails to show any respect to the citizens of this country.

  5. 3 1/2 years?. I doubt he will be kept in much past that.
    Lets face it if you can be out and about after 18 months for being a party to manslaughter…..

  6. And here I thought it was only Canada that the judges needed a swift kick in the arse. Here innocent people die in gunfire and the gunmen are usually let out on bail, go figure…ciao

  7. Scum is right!! That poor victim. Officer Dibble is right, that creep will be out sooner than that, and he will eventually go on to kill from the looks of his “work”. Assaults like this need to be seen for what they are- a precursor of things to come. He needs to be locked up like the animal that he is, and the key chucked.

    You are so right on your comments above, “The reality is that they are effectively cutting public spending to finance other things that suit them and the services that the essential services provide will be effected.” How about we start with the salaries of those that aren’t on the front lines.

  8. In answer to pcsouthwest’s question, yes a rope should be put round his kneck ,i’m sure there would be no end of volunteers to do it either

  9. I no longer any have confidence in either our system of policing or court judgements (not that I really had any anyway but I made exceptions for yourself and for the other PC bloggers that you link to); you do great jobs, believe in what you”re doing, and I’d trust mine or my families’ lives with any of you any day, but I personally have no faith in the authorities any more.

    My fiance is from South Carolina and she’d prefer to live over here with me but personally, I’d be scared for the future of our children if they had to grow up in Manchester.

    I hate feeling this way but I’m actually ashamed of my city, my county, and my country right now.

  10. It would be great if Jacqui Smiths police protection officers told her to F- OFF and get her kebab from Peckham on her own.

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